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We created ACCELERATE as a hub and community to support people transitioning into the tech industry.

At Yellow Tail Tech, we’ve been helping individuals transition with our Lnx For Jobs and Cloud For Jobs programs for almost a decade.
Now, we’re addressing a larger issue in the tech space: many people are interested in a tech career but don’t know where to begin.
They’re bombarded with bootcamp ads promising quick success and high earnings, but this isn’t the right starting point.
We believe in providing unbiased support for exploring the best path into tech, as it’s a personal journey with diverse paths. Before committing to a bootcamp or course, objective exploration is crucial.
In our ten years in the industry, We’ve identified five major challenges newcomers face when transitioning into a tech career, and ACCELERATE is designed to address these challenges:
Founders of Yellow Tail Tech
Founders of Yellow Tail Tech

Nowadays, we have a culture of fun, fast and easy.
Well, a microwave attitude won’t get you into Tech!

Discover Your Tech Passion

We’re here to light up your excitement for technology. The journey into tech is like climbing a hill: it starts slow, but as you learn and explore, your enthusiasm grows. It’s not just about aiming for a big paycheck; it’s about finding what you love in the vast world of technology. Yes, the start might be tough, and there will be challenges, but as your passion grows, so does the fun.

Make Real Connections

In a world where online is the new normal, we bring the value of face-to-face back. Our community is big on organizing meet-ups and study groups in the real world. It’s about creating bonds and friendships that go beyond the screen, giving you a sense of belonging and support.

Skills Beyond the Screen

Breaking into tech is more than just knowing your way around a computer. We offer soft skill training and live workshops with tech experts to solidify your general tech knowledge and assist in career decision-making. Our resources are designed to complement your technical skills, ensuring you’re well-equipped for the tech industry.

Learn by Sharing

Giving is as important as receiving. We hold firm to the principle that contributing to the community is NON-NEGOTIABLE. Teaching and sharing knowledge is a powerful way to learn; members are encouraged to actively participate. So, jump in, share your discoveries, start discussions, and immerse yourself in tech daily. Remember, a vibrant community thrives on the contributions of each member. Let’s all grow stronger, together.

Embrace Accountability

Sometimes, the people closest to us don’t quite understand our tech dreams. Here, you’ll find people who do. Our community offers a system of accountability. By pairing up or joining groups, you’ll find the encouragement and motivation to keep going. It’s about pushing each other to reach those tech goals.

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