Introduction to Amazon
S3 Workshop

June 23 | 7PM EST

Instructor: Christian Laguerre

Christian Laguerre has 17 years of full-stack system engineering experience raging from Cisco network administration to Cloud DevOps deployments. He is a self-described Linux nerd who enjoys solving complex problems and breaking down difficult concepts for others to overcome. He has successfully helped non-technical background professionals transition to IT roles and enjoys seeing new administrators take flight on IT concepts. When he’s not behind a keyboard and screen you’ll find Christian camping, kayaking, spending time with his wife and daughter in the great Washington D.C. area. 

What you will learn..

What's storage and why it is needed
Quick frame-up AWS Storage options
Disk vs Object storage
Concept of object storage (S3)

How to create an AWS Account

To prepare for the workshop, please watch and follow this video guide

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