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AWS Technical Essentials Course

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What our students have to say

Yellow Tail Tech Team

My experience as a student at Yellow Tail Tech has been great from the get-go. From the time when I decided that I want to be in Yellow Tail Tech, I reached out to the team. They told me part of the aspects of it. The team was quick to reach out back to me.

They're very patient with the students. If you ask a question they’re always ready to answer. And also there are recordings of every class that is available for us to download and so we can use them anytime.

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Kevin Ngweno

My experience at Yellow Tail Tech has been an awesome experience. This program has been well thought out. There's evidently been a lot of preparation and real thought put into it, which makes it different from all of the other little programs.

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Keith Dixon

I have a good experience learning at Yellow Tail Tech. We have a portal on which our assignments are released accordingly, according to our progress, and according to what is covered in the class.

Their (teachers) patience level is very high, I didn't have that patience level. They will answer each and every question, every raised hand. They will try to make sure that the students’ doubts are clear. That's really good.

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Rakhee Dhaka

What I instantly noticed about Yellow Tail Tech is that they select their student applicants well and you'll easily see how it benefits the students because once you enter the program, everyone's motivated, all of us are striving to get a better career.

Thank you Yellow Tail Tech for the opportunities you are giving us. I'm really hoping you'll stick around for years helping more people like me. Kudos!

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Charles W Holland, Jr.

It was pretty hard for me to switch my career but Yellow Tail Tech helped me turn my fear into confidence.

I gave my family financial freedom doing something that I enjoy and that's what my goal in life is!

Yellow Tail Tech really changed my life.

They helped me from start to finish.

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Ribert Michel

I would advise everybody to go with Yellow Tail instead of going somewhere else, because the way the program is set up, the materials that you have, you have access to them whenever you want to go online, and then you can access them, you can read.

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Jothson Pollas

The reason I chose Yellow Tail Tech is because they all have the resources, everything that I need in one place. Of course you can search, and you can do your own research online. The thing is, you’re not going to find a lot of places where you can get everything in one place, which is a really good deal package for me.

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Israela Hualngo

Yellow Tail Tech has been an interesting journey.

The team is really supportive. The student hub makes it really easy to just express our ideas and ask any questions.As for the instructors and TAs, they are really helpful and reassuring. Yellow Tail Tech is providing us a one-of-a-kind student experience.

Thumbs up!

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Khashayar Asghari

As a student of Yellow Tail Tech, I found the program material to be very in-depth. Everything is in basic layman's terms. You're not going to read any of the PowerPoints or anything and be lost in a whole lot of technical jargon.

The instructors are really clear and good at explaining things. We are given enough time to prepare for the classes before the classes start, and given enough time to do assignments and quizzes.

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Rakhee Dhaka

My experience with Yellow Tail Tech is phenomenal.
Yellow Tail Tech is like a gateway for me to believe you can own the world. I enjoyed the course from day one to the last day of the program. The instructors at Yellow Tail Tech are beyond comparison.

Their technical knowledge with real-world experience puts their students in a position where they too can boast about themselves with full courage during a job interview.

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Kunle Adex

MMy experience with Yellow Tail Tech, so far, has been nothing but great. The timing with classes, and being able to mold around a work schedule is another great aspect to this program. Then having my instructor right now, well, leading up to all the people that I've talked to, the student success coach, even Pete with Yellow Tail Tech, the initial person I talked to, who demonstrated everything for me. Everyone's been very friendly.

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Tyler Desrosiers

My experience with Yellow Tail Tech has been wonderful so far. My instructor, he's very detailed and goes into what we're learning and he actually tells us to ask as many questions as we want. And I love that because it means that they're willing to help us.

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Muridi Jeilani

My experience with Yellow Tail Tech has been pretty good. I enjoyed it. I actually look forward to my sessions, my class, and even the camaraderie with my classmates. EVEN if you've never even done it before you will really learn. I am very satisfied with the program and I enjoyed it very much. I even look forward to the days when I have classes.

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Ralph Quick
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