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Become a Linux System
Administrator in just
8 months, just like JV!

JV went from being a Medical Assistant to
a Red Hat Certified System Administrator!

We’ve helped hundreds
of individuals become
IT professionals in

We can help you become one too!
No technical background required.

Just like JV, 90% of our students
came in with no IT background

and let me tell you a secret, most of the time, they are even
more successful than those with technical background!
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Jimmy Ayoade

From Uber Driver To
Linux System Administrator
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Rose Chaudry

From Nursing To
Linux System Administrator
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Kunle Adex

From ARMY To
Linux System Administrator

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Exceptionally designed for success

Our airtight training programs are exceptionally designed to ensure that we are preparing our students for success. As a result, we have 4.9 out of 5 ratings on the most credible review platforms in the industry.

Awarded as Best Coding Bootcamp 2022


Average salary
of our graduates
for 2021


Passing rate

6-9 months

Be an IT professional
in merely months

Other students who went
from zero to job-ready

They facilitated our internship and for that I’m very thankful because it was amazing. I’ve been telling a lot of people that what I’m learning on the job is exactly what I learned on the internship. They have a proven track record of moving you from where you don’t want to be to where you want to be. 

Jhamal Mckee

Started the Lnx For Jobs program - January 2021
Became a Linux System Administrator for Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding - September 2021

Yellow Tail Tech is great. I think one of the best things is having other students in similar situations as mine wherein they’re in a job that’s not fulfilling or they’re stuck at their jobs so they’re here to change careers and most of us don’t have an I.T. Background. So the program is catered to students like us and they always make sure that we’re all on the same page before moving forward, so I can say that the pace is great.

William M.

Started the Lnx For Jobs program - June 2021
Became a Linux System Administrator for Doordash - January 2022

After finishing the internship, Yellow Tail Tech helped me create a resume and gave me mock interviews to prepare for the real job market experience. They also helped me with my personal branding and LinkedIn optimization.

Khashayar Asghari

Started the Lnx For Jobs program - June 2021
Became a Technical Support for Synology - February 2022
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