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Learn AWS Technical Essentials in One Day with Yellow Tail Tech’s Course

As a part of the partnership between Yellow Tail Tech and Amazon Web Services (AWS), we proudly present our AWS Technical Essentials course. By giving you a streamlined and comprehensive course on what AWS is all about, you can easily get up to speed.

The AWS Technical Essentials course introduces learners to the basic services and solutions included in the AWS environment. However, more than just introducing essential concepts, the Yellow Tail Tech course lets you experience the cloud platform through a series of hands-on activities.

Learn the AWS Technical Essentials in One Day

Amazon Web Services is an API and cloud platform that creates and provides unique solutions for individuals and organizations. Its massive selection of capabilities allows users to choose what they need. This includes computational resources, database management, cloud storage, and content delivery services.

As such, AWS effectively combines platform-as-a-service (PaaS), infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), and packaged software-as-a-service. The possibilities and the scope available can make studying AWS overwhelming.

To address this concern, Yellow Tail Tech has partnered with AWS to offer a course that will help different types of learners step into the AWS environment. More importantly, the entire essential course lasts only a day. 

Yellow Tail Tech’s AWS Technical Essentials course covers most of the basic ideas related to AWS computing, databases, storage, monitoring, networking, and security.

Who can take the course?

Yellow Tail Tech continues to provide learning programs to onboard people with little to no IT backgrounds. Our programs aim to open doors into some of the most in-demand career paths available today, and AWS Technical Essentials course is no different.

Basically, the course is ideal for the following people:

  1. Individuals tasked with communicating the benefits of AWS services. Whether you’re aiming to become a sales professional in the IT industry or part of an internal team tasked to explore AWS as an option, it all starts with a basic understanding of the product. Beyond the terminologies, we offer the opportunity for you to try out the platform and better understand its potential as a cloud-based solution.
  1. SysOps Administrators. In 2022, AWS supported 1.45 million businesses. Learning about the platform can benefit system operators and administrators. Our AWS Technical Essentials course provides a good foundation for more advanced training.  
  1. Solutions Architects. AWS has become its subspace in the IT industry. There’s a separate career market for AWS Certified Solutions Architects. If you’re looking to enter a lucrative career that annually makes $159,033 on average, this program is the best first step.
  1. Developers. Whether you’re a freelance developer or a tenured part of the team, AWS can help you both ways. One, its tools and services can greatly accelerate your turnaround time. Meanwhile, its potential for integration means that your custom programs can reach a massive market by being a third-party developer.

More importantly, you can sign up for Yellow Tail Tech’s new course even if you don’t explicitly belong to any of the above-mentioned positions. Whether you have a more specialized career path or are just casually interested in learning more, getting into AWS is an investment in the future.

What to expect from the course?

A one-day course for one of the largest cloud platforms can be confusing. We have carefully curated an outline to ease you into the AWS environment. It has seven modules:

  1. Introduction to Amazon Web Services. Learners get familiar with the AWS environment and how its security operates. They must create the basics of an Identity and Access Management (IAM) protocol.
  1. AWS Compute. This module introduces key concepts such as the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, EC2 instances, and serverless operation. It also introduces AWS Lambda, the serverless event-triggered compute service.
  1. AWS Networking. This module includes the basics of networking in AWS, focusing on Amazon VPC. Learners get the opportunity to work with VPC routing and security, including a Corporate Directory Application relaunch in Amazon EC2.
  1. AWS Storage. Here, the different storage types in AWS are tackled, including EC2 instance storage and Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS). You can learn how to store objects and choose the right storage service, culminating with an Amazon S3 Bucket exercise.
  1. Databases. One of AWS’s more advanced capabilities, databases form the backbone of many enterprise applications. From the standard Amazon Relational Database Service to purpose-built databases, learners can identify differences and appreciate their unique strengths. The activity for this module revolves around the use of Amazon Dynamo DB.
  1. Monitoring, Optimization, and Serverless. A slightly more detailed discussion on monitoring and optimization practices in the AWS environment. It also introduces serverless architecture to learners, allowing them to configure high availability for a particular application.
  1. Course Summary. The final module wraps up the entire course with the objective of leaving learners a lasting impression on AWS, as well as suggestions on what they can do next to better grasp the cloud platform.

What Awaits You After This Course?

After taking the Yellow Tail Tech AWS Technical Essential course, you can join the massive AWS industry, which currently holds 32% of the entire market. For reference, Microsoft Azure comes in a distant second with a 23 percent market share, followed by Google Cloud with 10 percent of the market.

Completing the course means augmenting your current skill sets with relevant knowledge of the AWS environment. However, should you need additional training, Yellow Tech Tail is prepared to help you take on specialized roles in the broader IT industry. Below are some of the course offerings you can take to supplement your AWS essentials:

  1. Cloud For Jobs 2.0 Program. This program is generalized for people looking for their space in information technology. Put your AWS learnings in a wider context and see how it applies to almost every corner of the industry.
  1. IT Infrastructure and Networking. If you think you have a knack for setting up and maintaining networks, check out this IT Infrastructure and Networking. From the fundamentals to the current industry best practices, this should open up many lucrative opportunities for you.
  1. Linux System Administration. Do you have your sights on an AWS Cloud DevOps Infrastructure Engineering post? Linux System Administration is the next best step. Master the Linux environment and how it makes AWS cloud administration a lot easier with this program.
  1. AWS SysOps Certification Prep. Take your first step in the AWS Cloud Engineering step with the AWS SysOps Certification Prep. This focuses on the more specialized roles and the skills and knowledge you need to fulfill them effectively.
  1. Python Automation. Workflow automation is integral to the IT scene, not just for AWS applications. By learning the fundamentals of the Python language with this Python Automation course, you can get into automating simple tasks or creating your scripts for specialized applications.

Kickstart Your Career in the AWS Space at Yellow Tail Tech

Whether you already have your career plans or are simply curious about the power of Amazon Web Services, Yellow Tail Tech can help you clear your initial concerns with the AWS Technical Essentials course. The pace is ideal for beginners, yet it covers everything you need to know to make better decisions about your plans in IT.

Learn more about our courses and how Yellow Tail Tech can help you get into IT. Book a 10-minute intro call with an Enrollment Advisor today, and we’ll help you.

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