How do we keep up with the new technology?

The first difference is we have our ears to what the market needs through our instructors. Don’t forget, they are full-blown professional on the daytime, right? So they know what’s happening in their environment. They know what’s needed. They know what’s hot. They know what’s staying because they have to interact with these technologies. So that’s the first thing. The second thing to keep them, to give our instructors incentive to level up is that we finance all continuing education for our instructors. So if they want to take any type of certification, Yellow Tail pays for it. Yellow Tail encourages it. And even if we need to go outside of Yellow Tail to get additional training to bring back, the company finances it. So it’s a way to incentivize our staff, our instructors, or collaborators to level up and keep up to date with the technologies in general.

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