The Biggest Myth
in IT webinar

Sept 15 | 7 PM EST

Webinar Speaker

My name is Jubee Vilceus, the co-founder of Yellow Tail Tech.

I started this training company to solve a big market problem: the lack of programs designed for people with no technical background. Most boot camp programs that I found were either too expensive and too short or too cheap and ineffective.

In this webinar, we’re going to talk about the steps on how to break into tech and how to get a high-paying IT career.

In This Webinar, We
Will Discuss:

High Performance Habits That You Need To Succeed
How To Get From Zero To Job-Ready In 6 To 9 Months
Why We Believe That Depth Is Better Than Width
Why Bootcamps & Self-Paced Programs Don't Work

What People Say About This Webinar

It was pretty good. I like that you have individuals that have successfully participated in the program join to share their experiences.
It was good and informational. I enjoyed it. Everything was explained to me very clearly about how the program works.

This Webinar Might Change Your Mind
And Rid You Of Any Doubt You Have
About Your Abilities In The IT Field!

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