How skills impact your salary in I.T.

Today I want to talk about how high salary is only a byproduct of value. Hello, my name is Jubee, co-founder at Yellow Tail Tech, where we help people with no IT background get their first high-paying IT job. Today I want to talk about how high salary is only a byproduct of value. I have so many people coming to me because they hear they can make a lot of money in IT, which is somewhat true especially in some very niche areas in IT. You can make unusually high salaries.

In 2020 alone, I spoke to about 500 to 600 people and I hear one recurring theme. How much money am I going to make? Yes, it’s a very important question, but you have to understand that high salary is only a byproduct of value. Basically what I’m trying to say is that it’s not automatic because you’re going to get certification, you’re going to get training, but it’s not automatically that you’re going to be able to claim those high salaries. Because certification does not automatically equal high income.

You have to be able to not only level up in terms of skills, but when you get to an interview you have to be able to articulate how are you going to improve, how are you going to support and enhance the team that you’re going to be involved with. So that’s what brings the high salaries. Okay? So I want to make sure you understand there’s a big difference in the salaries only follow the value that you are able to articulate that you’re going to bring to the team.

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Author: Jubee Vilceus

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