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Maryland State WIOA Occupational Training Provider

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Linux System Admin.-RHCSA Exam Prep. (128 Clock Hours)

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Student Transformation Stories

From Armed Security to Linux System Admin

From Cable Technician to Linux System Admin

From Car Dealership to Linux System Admin

From network Tech to Linux System Administrator

From Student to product technician

From Project Management to Linux System Admin

From car Dealership to Linux System Admin

From Compliance to Linux System Admin

From Bank Specialist to AWS Cloud Engineer

From Student to Linux System Admin

From Central Station Operator to Linux System Administrator

From Project Management to Linux System Admin

From Retail Management to Linux System Admin

From Retail Management to Linux System Admin

From ARMY to Linux System Administrator

From Nursing to Linux System Administrator

From Cybersecurity to Linux System Administrator

Why Our Students Take The Leap Forward

From project Management to
Linux System Administrator

From Sales Analyst to
Linux System Administrator

From Operations Management to
Linux System Administrator

From Shipper Receiver to
Linux System Administrator

From Teaching to
Linux System Administrator

From Admin Assistant to
Linux System Administrator

From business Owner to
Linux System Administrator

From Post-Market Surveillance Specialist to
Linux System Administrator

From NAVY to
Linux System Administrator

From Property Management to
Linux System Administrator

From Amazon Driver to
Linux System Administrator

Our Students Have Started Their New Careers At:

How Our
Program works

If you’re sick of your dull, dead-end job and want to land a challenging, rewarding, and high-paying IT job in just six months—even if you have no IT background or technical degree—enroll with Yellow Tail Tech. We help people go from zero to job-ready by giving them a world-class education from industry-certified teachers and leading professionals. Furthermore, we provide an internship to gain valuable experience and job search coaching.

Learn From Actual Professionals

Our students are taught by certified instructors and top practitioners in the industry.

Get Certified in
Red Hat or AWS

These certifications help our students stand out to hiring managers and major companies.

Get Experience
Through Internship

All students who successfully complete any of our programs get enrolled in an internship.

Land a
Rewarding Job Fast

Linux System Administrators and AWS DevOps Cloud Engineers are in high demand.

Go From Zero to Job Ready

Our program prepares you to become a Linux System Administrator and AWS Dev Ops Engineers who can deploy and manage enterprise-level IT Infrastructure. We set our program’s pace slower than the average IT bootcamp to allow students to understand these concepts better and to give them ample time to gain practical experience.

linux for jobs

Linux for Jobs

We will help you future-proof your career as a Linux System Administrator. Through our program, you will gain relevant job skills and personalized coaching to turn you into a Subject Matter Expert.

aws for jobs

AWS for Jobs

Take on a big challenge by becoming an AWS Dev-Ops Engineer and learn how to manage and build infrastructure that relies on CloudComputing.

Technologies that We Expose You To



Our Guarantee

To back our claim, we are proud to offer a Tuition Reimbursement Program. If you don’t land a job within five months of completing our overall program, we will refund you the full price of your tuition.
  • Attend every class
  • Complete all assigned projects with mentor approval
  • Score 70% or better on all tests
  • Get RHCSA or AWS SysOps Certified (92% passing rate)
  • Accept guidance from our Career Support team
  • Document your job search efforts
  • Attend 10 Technical Interviews
  • Be eligible to work in the United States and fluent in English.
  • Willing to accept a job in the Linux System Administration field paying at least $72,000 (although the average WashingtonDC area salary is $119,373).


We’ve done away with the traditional application process, and instead, we’ve opted to admit applicants based on a mutual fit selection process. Acceptance to the program is awarded following a thorough assessment of how we can meet your needs through our unique model during the career strategy session. The first step in the acceptance process is to SCHEDULE A CAREER STRATEGY SESSION. After this session, we will know where you are with your knowledge and how to make your roadmap to success!

It’s a 45-minute one-on-one Zoom call with an Enrollment Advisor to identify where you are and help you create a roadmap that guarantees success. We will discuss tuition cost, finance options, current incentives, program details, and program eligibility during the session.

No. We firmly believe that self-paced programs are synonymous with procrastination. In a landscape characterized by fast-paced hands-off courses, we choose to put all hands on deck.

Our programs feature weekly interactions with live instructors, a robust Learning Management System, dedicated attention, and high engagement to keep you pumped every step of the way!

Our programs are only available virtually. Although virtual, our belief in direct engagement underpins our class environment. We commit to fostering an active engagement and require that trainees show up to class prepared to connect and share their experiences. You are never alone in your efforts.

The good news is that our programs were designed with non-IT professionals in mind – you don’t need a technical background. Our approach considers the building blocks required at every stage. We take you from 0 to job-ready, ensuring that all of the prerequisites you could need–from IT infrastructure, networking fundamentals to the core training – are included in the program. Besides the education, we extend our program to include internship opportunities to bolster your experience. This program is for you if your end goal is to become a job-ready, industry-certified professional.

Absolutely not. In fact, the majority of our trainees have no college degree OR a background in IT. We’ve designed a comprehensive program that encourages familiarity with the basics. This approach allows tenured IT professionals, non-degree holding professionals, and recent high school graduates to train at their level. From IT infrastructure and networking to an internship, our programs cater intentionally to non-degree holding persons seeking to pivot their career path.

Our programming encompasses the prerequisite courses we would otherwise recommend. In other words, once a career track is selected, and you enroll in your program of choice, you will not need to enroll in another course to become job-ready, regardless of your course type or skill level.

Scheduling for our cohort-based programs is tailored to appeal to working professionals. As such, you can expect evening sessions, although the frequency will vary from program to program. Admission is awarded on a rolling basis.

Hybrid e-learning 

Our method combines the essential elements of a self-directed model (online exercises and pre-recorded video instructions) with “traditional” classroom features (weekly live sessions). This combination aims to create an environment conducive to high engagement for the trainee’s benefit.

Lock-step teaching

While self-paced programs let you choose when and what to study, our lock-step approach requires that you follow our curriculum in a group setting. This approach helps us ensure that you have a peer group you can call on throughout the program and beyond.

Holistic programming

We believe that the interconnected nature of the IT field requires programming that encompasses both the building blocks and the core learning objectives. Pulling from multiple IT tenets, principles, and disciplines, our training model prepares you to become a holistic professional with a complete understanding of your field and capable of performing in real-life situations.

Internship enrollment & personalized career coaching

The accompaniment you receive extends beyond certification as our programs are complemented by individualized career coaching and feature elective enrollment in a meaningful internship program.

The Yellow Tail Tech difference starts with the structure of the program. Whereas a course focuses on the subject matter, we approach our programming holistically, with your career goals in mind. Our value add begins with the care we take to ensure you have a proper understanding of infrastructure. It continues through the tailored, hands-on career coaching we provide and is enhanced by elective internship programs.

Backed by a tuition reimbursement guarantee, our program features live lectures and hands-on teaching. We employ these methods to encourage engagement and interactions among trainees, instructors, and TA when most courses are currently self-paced

There is a reason our programming ends with FOR JOBS. From start to finish, our goal is to ensure that you are job-ready.

We are industry-certified career professionals with 30 years of combined subject matter expertise and experience. Far from jacks of all trade, our staff of instructors and TAs intentionally focus on the Linux OS, bringing back real-time and relevant industry knowledge to your classroom experience. With a seven-year track record, our success rate speaks for itself. And, just in case you are still skeptical, testimonials from past trainees attest to the hands-on investment from instructors that underpins our training programs.

Your total investment is determined by a few key factors unique to your needs. Please schedule a career strategy session with our Enrollment Advisor to discuss, among other things:

  • Tuition cost
  • Finance options
  • Current incentives
  • Program details
  • Program eligibility
Yes. We offer a variety of financing options. An Enrollment Advisor will go over all financing options available to you during your career counseling session.

Years of experience have taught us that our most successful trainees are those with skin in the game. 

We’ve learned that once the investment is made, trainees are more likely to remain engaged and motivated throughout the duration of the program.

We are only interested in investing our time and resources into individuals who are equally invested in their career progression.

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