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We Help People with No Tech Background or Technical Degree get their
First High-Paying Tech Job!

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Maryland State WIOA Occupational Training Provider

To find out more about our program as well as your eligibility for federal funding support, please follow this process:

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Exceptionally Designed For Success!

Our airtight training programs are exceptionally designed to ensure that we are preparing our students for success. As a result, we have 4.9 out of 5 ratings on the most credible review platforms in the industry.
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How Our Program works

If you’re sick of your dull, dead-end job and want to land a challenging, rewarding, and high-paying tech job in just six months—even if you have no tech background or technical degree—enroll with Yellow Tail Tech. We help people go from zero to job-ready by giving them a world-class education from industry-certified teachers and leading professionals. Furthermore, we provide an Apprenticeship to gain valuable experience and job search coaching.

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Learn From Actual Professionals

Our students are taught by certified instructors and top practitioners in the industry.

Get Certified In Red Hat Or AWS

These certifications help our students stand out to hiring managers and major companies.

Get Experience Through Apprenticeship

All students who successfully complete any of our programs get enrolled in an apprenticeship.

Land A Rewarding Job Fast

Linux System Administrators and AWS Cloud Administrators are in high demand.

Go from Zero to Job Ready

Our program prepares you to become a Linux System Administrator and AWS Cloud Administrator who can deploy and manage enterprise-level IT Infrastructure. We set our program’s pace slower than the average IT bootcamp to allow students to understand these concepts better and to give them ample time to gain practical experience.


We will help you future-proof your career as a Linux System Administrator. Through our program, you will gain relevant job skills and personalized coaching to turn you into a Subject Matter Expert.
  • Pass our Assessment: You must score “Proficient”
  • Have 10-15+ hours a week to dedicate to studying outside of class
  • A high-performing and motivated individual
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CloudForJobs 2.0

Take on a big challenge by becoming an AWS Cloud Administrator and learn how to manage and build infrastructure that relies on Cloud Computing.

  • Pass our Assessment: You must score “Highly proficient”
  • 30-50 score in critical thinking test
  • A credit score of 700+ or able to pay in 3 installments or less
  • Have 10-12+ hours a week to dedicate to studying outside of class
  • A high-performing and motivated individual
  • With Active Security Clearance
  • Essay Requirement


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What Our Students

Have to Say

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Why Our Students Take
The Leap Forward

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Hear our philosophy, understand our approach, and discover the commitment behind every success story. It’s more than just education; it’s a vision for tech mastery.
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Our Students have Started their

New Careers at:


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We promise to actively support our students for up to 18 months following the completion of the apprenticeship program. Our goal is to ensure you not only complete our training but also secure a position that aligns with your skills and career aspirations.
Explore the Details of Our
Career Success Commitment Program

Frequently Asked Questions

To apply, please book a 10-minute intro call with our Enrollment Team. They will answer your questions about our programs and evaluate if they are a good fit for you.

No, our programs are not self-paced. We believe that self-paced programs often lead to procrastination. Our programs offer weekly interactions with live instructors, a robust Learning Management System, and high engagement to keep you motivated throughout the program.

No, our programs are only available virtually. Despite being virtual, we prioritize direct engagement. We foster an active class environment where trainees are encouraged to connect and share their experiences. You will never be alone in your efforts.

Our programs are designed for non-IT professionals, so you don’t need a technical background. We provide all the necessary building blocks from IT infrastructure to networking fundamentals. Our goal is to take you from 0 to job ready and offer apprenticeship opportunities to enhance your hands-on experience.

No, a college degree is not required. The majority of our trainees do not have a college degree or a background in IT. Our comprehensive program caters to individuals at different levels, including non-degree holders, and recent high school graduates.

Our programs include all the prerequisite courses you need to become job-ready. Once you select a career track and enroll in your chosen program, you won’t need to take additional courses.

Our cohort-based programs offer scheduling tailored for working professionals. Evening sessions are common, but the frequency may vary depending on the program.

Our program is delivered online and features:

Hybrid e-learning: A combination of mandatory weekly live sessions with self-directed online exercises and pre-recorded video instructions.

Lockstep teaching: You follow our curriculum in a group setting, fostering engagement and providing peer support.

Holistic programming: Our training covers various IT tenets, principles, and disciplines to prepare you as a well-rounded professional.

Apprenticeship and personalized career coaching: We offer individualized career coaching and facilitate your apprenticeship.

Our program offers a distinctive approach with our zero to job-ready model. We prioritize building solid foundational skills and knowledge, offering hands-on experience through facilitated apprenticeships, and providing personalized career coaching. By incorporating live lectures and fostering high engagement, we ensure that you are well-prepared for the job market.

Our instructors and TA’s (Teacher Assistants) are industry-certified career professionals with 30 years of combined expertise in Linux OS. We bring real-time and relevant industry knowledge to the classroom. Our eight-year track record and testimonials from past trainees attest to our hands-on approach and success.

Yes, we offer various financing options. Our enrollment team will provide details on the available financing options.

Based on our experience, we’ve found that trainees who have made an upfront investment in their education are more likely to remain engaged and motivated throughout the program. We want to invest our time and resources in individuals who are equally committed to their career progression.

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