Become a DEI Hiring Partner

Work with Yellow Tail Tech as a Hiring Partner and Make a Positive Impact on Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion in the Workplace.

Yellow Tail Tech is here to bridge the gap between highly trained talents and the exponential growth of Tech Jobs in the US.
We can provide you with Top Candidates who have been Red Hat Certified and AWS Certified, and who have undergone a rigorous apprenticeship.
Why hire from us?

Our Talent Pool

Our talent pool comes at absolutely no cost to you or your company and is solely a resource for you to use in your hiring process.

Our Instructors

Boasting industry-certified instructors who work for top enterprises and offering hands-on experience, we get our candidates ready for real-world challenges.

Our Partnership Team

We have a partnership team dedicated to understanding your needs to recommend the top candidates that would be culture fit for your company.

Embracing Diversity: Moving Beyond Numbers for True Inclusion

We are committed to making tech more inclusive for people of all backgrounds. 71% of our students are African American, and we feel that’s a big part of what makes our program unique. We believe in diversity, and bringing more people of color into tech.

We are a triple minority business: Latina-owned, black-owned and one that is run by a woman.

61% Men 28% Women 11% Others
Students gender breakdown.
71% African Americans 11% White 6% Asians 6% Hispanics 6% Pacific Islander
Students race breakdown.

The companies who have hired from us

Skills our students acquire during their apprenticeship

Technologies that we expose our students to

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