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Love, Support, and Tech: The Story of Alberto Silvestriz

With a heart full of determination and a supportive partner by his side, Alberto Silvestriz embarked on a journey from infantryman to Linux System Administrator. His story is one of love, passion, and taking risks for what matters most.

Alberto’s path was far from conventional from the battlefields to the post office and now to the dynamic world of technology. But with the encouragement and support of his loving wife, he took a leap of faith into the world of IT.

Join us as we explore the romance between Alberto and technology and his wife’s role in helping him realize his dreams.

From Combat to Computing: A Romance with Technology

Alberto’s love for his family was unwavering, even at a young age. He joined the military to support them, dedicating ten years to serving his country. Despite retiring due to an injury, his commitment to his loved ones did not waver. He took on various jobs just to make ends meet.

Eventually, he found stability as a US Postal Office worker, serving the next decade with dedication. Although the job provided financial stability for his family, his true passion always lingered in IT.

It wasn’t until a conversation with Jubee Vilceus, the co-founder of Yellow Tail Tech, that he recognized his true calling. Alberto realized that he would have to make the difficult decision of quitting his job to fully pursue his passion in IT, but with the support and encouragement of his loving wife, he took the leap of faith.

With Love and Support, Alberto Takes a Risk

Alberto’s devoted wife, who also worked at the post office, believed in his passion and encouraged him to chase his dreams. Their children had grown older, and their family was stable, so she recognized that his job at the post office was just a means to an end, not a source of happiness for him. She encouraged Alberto to take the leap of faith and pursue his dream of working in IT.

With the support of his wife, Alberto left his job and enrolled in a program at Yellow Tail Tech, where he had to decide between the two programs at Yellow Tail Tech. After careful consideration and research, Alberto chose the Linux program

Finding Love in IT with Yellow Tail Tech

Alberto’s journey at Yellow Tail Tech was a true labor of love. The program was well-structured, providing him with the tools and experiences necessary to make him job-ready, including internships and the guidance of knowledgeable coaches. 

Along the way, Alberto tackled a few projects that will always hold a special place in his heart. One of the most memorable was learning to install IPA clients and utilizing them to create a centralized database of users’ and policies’ records. The use of Ansible also captured his heart, as he was able to use it to create his own lab for taking notes and managing projects.

What truly made Yellow Tail Tech stand out for Alberto was the patience and understanding of his instructors. Their transparency and trustworthiness made Alberto confident in his learning journey and strengthened his love for the program.

Striking the Right Balance

As they both held jobs, Alberto and his wife were able to save enough money to cover their expenses while he pursued his studies. With the help of Yellow Tail Tech’s financial partners, he secured financing and found the payments manageable, and their tuition reimbursement guarantee offered peace of mind.

Balancing his classes with his responsibilities was made easier for Alberto, as his hours were flexible without his job. Though his classes only took up two hours of his day, he made time for extra studying and was grateful for the support of his now-independent children.

A Leap of Love: Leaving His Job and Joining Yellow Tail Tech

With a newfound passion for IT, Alberto’s love for technology bloomed. His job as a Linux System Admin brought him more happiness and fulfillment than any of his previous jobs. And, with a generous paycheck, he now enjoys financial freedom and the luxury to choose where he works, whether on-site or from the comfort of his own home

Yellow Tail Tech Helps Alberto Find His True Calling

One of the shining gems in Yellow Tail Tech’s treasure trove of support was the mock interviews, which equipped Alberto with the confidence and know-how to tackle even the most challenging job interviews. With these preparations, he felt a sense of ease during his first job interview, as it was a near mirror image of what he had practiced.

But Yellow Tail Tech didn’t stop at just the interviews. They went above and beyond to arm Alberto with the tools to succeed, helping him polish and perfect his resume to make it stand out. And the result? Calls came flooding at the moment he posted his revised resume. Yellow Tail Tech truly left no stone unturned in its mission to set Alberto up for success.

Alberto Finds His Dream Job at RLCS

Alberto was a hot commodity in the job market, with seven companies vying for his attention. But it was RLCS that caught his eye, and for a good reason. They were smitten with his impressive resume and wasted no time in offering him the job.

Of course, Alberto wasn’t just swayed by their compliments and good vibes. He carefully considered what each company had to offer, weighing the pros and cons of each position. While the other offers seemed limited to working with databases, RLCS promised a more comprehensive range of opportunities and experiences. It was easy for Alberto to accept the offer on the spot.

For Alberto, the best part about his new job is that he gets to continue doing what he loves and never stops learning. At RLCS, he’s found a place where he can spread his wings and grow. 

Fall in Love with a Tech Career with Yellow Tail Tech

Alberto’s heartwarming story proves that it’s never too late to take a leap of faith and pursue your passion for IT. With the proper support and determination, you, too, can create a career you love. 

So, if you’re ready to start your journey and need a little guidance along the way, Yellow Tail Tech is here for you. Book a 10-minute call with us now, and let’s explore how we can help you achieve your dreams in the world of tech!

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