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Why Linux is Bigger Than You Think

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Most of us who have no solid IT background may have already heard about Linux. We may just remember it as another operating system (OS) that’s an alternative to Microsoft and macOS. Most of the time we also leave it at that–why bother learning about Linux anyway when Microsoft and MacOS seem to already be conveniently available and usable?

Well, here’s the thing: Linux is bigger than we think it is. And the biggest companies across the world know it. It powers most machines that we use daily such as mobile phones, ATM machines, cash registers, and gas pumps. Additionally, about 80% of websites on the internet are based on Linux. To name the big ones, major cloud-based providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud are all supported by Linux.

So what is it about Linux that even these tech giants swear by it?

First, let’s briefly understand what Linux is. It is an open-source, all-purpose operating system that’s widely used by almost anyone who knows how to, from students, programming enthusiasts, and as mentioned, to small and big enterprises. In recent years, Linux surpassed its limitation to being just an OS and is now used as a platform to run desktops, servers, and systems.

Here’s why Linux is so important to businesses:

1. Free and Open Source

As an open-source OS, Linux’s source code is accessible to everyone. You don’t have to pay for any license to use its source code, anyone can contribute, modify, distribute, and enhance it.  Programmers can easily customize Linux according to their companies’ or clients’ needs.

With Linux being highly customizable, a lot of features can be easily added and deleted, and a lot of tasks can be automated. There are also different distributions of it called distros that are available in the market to match any preferences/conditions: Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Linux Mint, Arch Linux, etc.

2. Highly Secure

Linux systems do not require any antivirus programs. It’s less vulnerable than other operating systems as every program (whether an application or a virus) cannot make any changes in the system settings without the approval of the administrator. Entering the password will be needed, otherwise the virus won’t execute.

3. Highly Stable and Low Maintenance

Linux systems rarely slow down or freeze, thus not needing to be rebooted often, even when updating or patching. For other OS such as Windows, the speed deteriorates over time usage so you’ll need to reinstall the OS and other software. This is also why most web servers are Linux-based. To top all these, Linux can run on any hardware, and its requirements are much lighter compared to other OS (about 128MB of RAM and disk space, in general).

When it comes to systems, Linux is capable of handling a large number of users simultaneously over different networks. It is designed to run multiple tasks at the same time without affecting the system speed. 

4. Largest Community Support

Since it’s the most widely-used open-source OS, If users encounter any issues with Linux, chances are other programmers have already posted the solution on online forums. There are many users online who are dedicated to improving Linux for everyone’s benefit. Any question is usually addressed by members within hours. But for businesses with critical applications and services that need immediate and 24/7 support, paid services are also offered by providers like Red Hat and Novell.

Linux is being hailed as the future of business technology. As more and more computer functions transition to the Cloud, and with the Cloud relying heavily on Linux, we can imagine why. We may think that Linux is extremely complex, but it’s now actually becoming more user-friendly as a result of continuous modifications in its graphical user interface (GUI). 

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