Yellow Tail Tech is now an official Red Hat partner: Providing Industry-Ready Training Programs for IT Professionals

At Yellow Tail Tech, we are always looking for ways to improve and enhance our training programs. Our recent partnership with Red Hat is a testament to our commitment to providing industry-relevant training to our students. As a training partner of Red Hat, we will have access to the latest open-source software solutions and cutting-edge training methodologies.

We are confident that this collaboration will allow us to create training programs that meet the demands of the rapidly evolving IT industry and help our students achieve their professional goals.

A fantastic opportunity for those looking to pursue a career in IT

The Yellow Tail Tech and Red Hat partnership aims to support the next generation of IT professionals by providing them with the necessary skills to work in the Red Hat environment. As part of this collaboration, Yellow Tail Tech is offering exclusive deals and perks to students enrolling in their Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) Prep program. 

The RHCSA certification is globally recognized and demonstrates a candidate’s ability to perform essential system administration tasks. The program prepares individuals to configure, manage, and secure a Red Hat Enterprise Linux system. It is an entry-level certification that provides a foundation for IT professionals to progress to higher-level certifications.

One of the most significant benefits of the RHCSA certification is that it opens up opportunities in various IT positions, with the average salary for RHCSA professionals being around $99k per year. This is a testament to the demand for professionals with these skills and the value that they bring to organizations. The RHCSA certification is a valuable asset for individuals looking to advance their careers in IT.

Yellow Tail Tech’s Linux-For-Jobs Program: A Gateway to the IT Industry

Yellow Tail Tech’s Linux-For-Jobs Program is a 16-week curriculum designed to onboard beginners in Linux and launch their careers as Linux System Administrators. The program is designed for individuals with no technical background who are looking to enter the IT industry. It covers all the fundamental concepts of Linux, including installation, configuration, and management.

It also includes hands-on training with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, providing students with practical experience working in a Red Hat environment. The Linux-For-Jobs Program is an excellent opportunity for individuals looking to gain the skills necessary to work in IT and prepare for the RHCSA certification.

Red Hat partnership enhances Yellow Tail Tech’s training programs

The collaboration between Yellow Tail Tech and Red Hat is an excellent development for Yellow Tail Tech’s Linux-For-Jobs Program. Red Hat professionals will share their experiences with Yellow Tail Tech’s students to help them better prepare for real-world challenges. This collaboration provides students with valuable insights into the industry and practical experience working with Red Hat technologies.

The Red Hat partnership also aligns Yellow Tail Tech’s training programs with current software specifications and industry best practices. This is critical in ensuring that students are equipped with the skills necessary to succeed in the IT industry. It also highlights Yellow Tail Tech’s commitment to providing high-quality training programs that deliver real value to students.

Take the First Step

It’s time to join the ranks of the best and brightest in IT with Yellow Tail Tech’s Linux for Jobs program. Our new partnership with Red Hat means that you can expect the most up-to-date and effective training available, regardless of your prior experience in the field. From the basics to advanced techniques, we’ll equip you with the tools you need to succeed as a Red Hat Certified System Administrator. Take the first step towards your dream career. Book a 10-minute intro call with our Enrollment Advisor today!

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