Python Automation

Course Overview

Now, IT organizations are moving towards replacing some recurring tasks with event-driven automation.

In this course, we want to train our students to have a basic level of Python coding that they can use to create workflow automation.

Most of the code they write will revolve around automating tasks using AWS APIs and AWS Lambda.

This course is comprised of 2 distinct parts:

2 Modules

8 Weeks


1. Python Basics

  • Installing Python
  • Understanding the python shell
  • Data Types (string, integers, floats)
  • String concatenation and replication
  • Variables
  • Good practices (variable names, comments, TODO, etc)

2. Flow Control

  • Comparison Operators
  • Boolean
  • Conditions
  • Flow control statements
    – If
    – Else
    – Elif
    – For
    – while
  • Importing Modules

3. Functions

  • Def statement
  • Parameters
4. Classes
5. Args, *args
6. Data Types
  • Lists, Tuples
    – Working with lists (for loops, in and not in operators)
    – Methods (index, append, insert, remove, sort)
  • Dictionaries

1. Overview of Boto3 and Lambda Project list

  • Stopping EC2 instances at night
  • Deleting unattached EBS volumes
  • Backing up instances
  • Automate resource tags
  • Making public s3 bucket private
  • Applying encryption to s3 bucketDelete/Modify Security Group that allows traffic from
  • Generate a report about
    – Cloud trail settings
    – S3 encryption
    – S3 Access logs
  • Enable s3 bucket logging if not enabled
  • Deleting unused security groups

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