Security + Cert Prep

Course Overview

The Security+ Cert Prep course is designed to help individuals prepare for an important industry-recognized certification. This certification is like a special badge that shows you have the knowledge and skills to keep computer systems and data safe from cyberthreats. This is really important for businesses and government agencies because they have lots of sensitive information that needs to stay safe.

The Security+ certification can also be your first step in getting a government security clearance. Government organizations have many projects that often involve national security, and they need trustworthy people who understand how to keep information safe. When you have the Security+ certification, it shows that you have the knowledge and skills needed to be a trusted part of these important projects. So, by taking this course and passing the exam, you’re not just preparing for a great job in cybersecurity, you’re also opening the door to exciting opportunities in government work that can help keep our country safe.

5 Modules

4 Weeks


  • Compare and contrast types of attacks
  • Explore threat actor types and vectors
  • Explain penetration testing and vulnerability scanning concepts
  • Identify key attack indicators

  • Deploy secure application designs across an enterprise
  • Develop and deploy secure applications with trusted frameworks
  • Defend embedded systems, cloud assets, and virtualized servers
  • Analyze confidentiality and non-repudiation cryptography requirements

  • Install and configure network protocols
  • Identify effective host and application security solutions
  • Implement authentication and authorization solutions with PKI
  • Secure wireless and mobile communications against breaches

  • Respond to alerts and alarms to identify and mitigate threats
  • Design and enact effective policies, processes, and procedures
  • Utilize tools and data sources to support incident investigations
  • Identify key elements of an incident to conduct a forensic investigation

  • Explain the importance of policies, plans, and procedures
  • Summarize regulations, standards, and frameworks to enhance security
  • Explore risk management for a more robust security posture
  • Carry out best practices for data security and privacy compliance

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