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Data Tech For Jobs

We prepare you to become a Data Center Technician who can troubleshoot and solve a range of data center infrastructure issues including hardware, fiber, networking, and other infrastructure-related matters.

Our Overview

At Yellow Tail Tech, we see the massive hiring demand in the field of Data centers, we partnered with Code Fellows to bring training in this growing field to the Washinton DC Metro Area. Our program offers an in-depth look at Data Center Operations from the ground up. The course is taught by professionals in the IT and DATA Center field and is broken down into 3 classes.

Our classes are instructor-led in a virtual environment with an in-person component when it comes to hands-on infrastructure troubleshooting. This program is taught at an accelerated pace so that after just 12 weeks, students can tackle many of the basics needed to start them on a path towards a career in Data Center. Every class will focus on what one needs to know.

After you complete your program you will be able to:

  • Run hardware diagnostics and replace failing components in a timely manner.
  • Upgrade internal system components, including CPUs, memory, hard drives, and network cables.
  • Provide IT support to staff and customers, as well as respond to the server and network issues.
  • Monitor and perform ongoing maintenance on servers and network equipment.
  • Develop standards and procedures for carrying out systems and network operations.
  • 3 months
  • 20-30 hours/week

All prerequisites are built into the program.

  • Live Sessions 5 times a week 6 to 9 PM ET
  • The student must commit to attending 95% of live sessions
  • Dynamic student community

Our Time table

Course 1

Intro to Computer Operations

It gives our students the foundational skills to build their careers as Data technicians. It allows them to gain a hands-on computer experience, learn system interfaces, identify and install hardware components, and practice deploying Windows and Linux operating systems.

Intro to Computer Operations

30 hours - 2 weeks
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Course 2

Fundamentals of Computer Operations

In this hands-on course, our students will learn to support technology operations by resolving issues with the hardware, software, and virtual or cloud systems by providing practical systems support, and troubleshooting.

Fundamentals of Computer Operations

160 hrs - 9 weeks
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Course 3

Infrastructure Troubleshooting Hackathon

This 2-day hackathon is focused on giving you the hands-on experience necessary to be job-ready for a Data tech job position.

Infrastructure Troubleshooting Hackathon

16 hours - 2-day
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Technologies that We Expose You To

Data Tech For jobs


Download the PDF file here for the full and in-depth guide to learn more about this program.



The first step is to go to: 

Click on Enroll Now and fill out the form to apply.

Lastly, schedule an orientation with our Enrollment team through the calendly link that you will be redirected to.

No. We firmly believe that self-paced programs are synonymous with procrastination. In a landscape characterized by fast-paced hands-off courses, we choose to put all hands on deck.

Our programs feature weekly interactions with live instructors, a robust Learning Management System, dedicated attention, and high engagement to keep you pumped every step of the way!

Our programs are only available virtually. Although virtual, our belief in direct engagement underpins our class environment. We commit to fostering an active engagement and require that trainees show up to class prepared to connect and share their experiences. You are never alone in your efforts.

The good news is that our programs were designed with non-IT professionals in mind – you don’t need a technical background. Our approach considers the building blocks required at every stage. 

Absolutely not. In fact, the majority of our trainees have no college degree OR a background in IT. We’ve designed a comprehensive program that encourages familiarity with the basics. This approach allows tenured IT professionals, non-degree holding professionals, and recent high school graduates to train at their level.

Our programming encompasses the prerequisite courses we would otherwise recommend. In other words, once a career track is selected, and you enroll in your program of choice, you will not need to enroll in another course to become job-ready, regardless of your course type or skill level.

The Yellow Tail Tech difference starts with the structure of the program. Whereas a course focuses on the subject matter, we approach our programming holistically, with your career goals in mind. Our value add begins with the care we take to ensure you have a proper understanding of infrastructure. It continues through the tailored, hands-on career coaching we provide and is enhanced by elective internship programs.

Backed by a tuition reimbursement guarantee, our program features live lectures and hands-on teaching. We employ these methods to encourage engagement and interactions among trainees, instructors, and TA when most courses are currently self-paced

There is a reason our programming ends with FOR JOBS. From start to finish, our goal is to ensure that you are job-ready.

We are industry-certified career professionals with 30 years of combined subject matter expertise and experience. With an eight-year track record, our success rate speaks for itself. And, just in case you are still skeptical, testimonials from past trainees attest to the hands-on investment from instructors that underpins our training programs.

Your total investment is determined by a few key factors unique to your needs. Please schedule an orientation with our Enrollment Team to discuss, among other things:

  • Tuition cost
  • Finance options
  • Current incentives
  • Program details
  • Program eligibility

Yes. We do have a financing partner that can help you with your payment. Our enrollment team will go over this with you during your Enrollment Orientation.

Years of experience have taught us that our most successful trainees are those with skin in the game. 

We’ve learned that once the investment is made, trainees are more likely to remain engaged and motivated throughout the duration of the program.

We are only interested in investing our time and resources into individuals who are equally invested in their career progression.

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