Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) Prep



16 Weeks



Our Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) Prep program will give you the knowledge and confidence that you need to become a Red Hat Certified System Administrator.

This course is intended for those just starting their career in Linux that want to prove
their “real world” and advanced knowledge of Linux DevOps System Engineer.


Setting up your lab

  • Deploying your VM
  • Configuring storage while installing
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Enforcing SELINUX

Basic Tasks

  • User Management
  • File Permissions
  • Access Control Lists
  • Finding things (Inside Files vs Inside Filesystems)
  • Other applications with the find command

Logical Volume Manager

  • Create Filesystems
  • Create Volume Group with specific extent size
  • Extend the size of file systems
  • Reduce the size of File Systems
  • Add swap spac
  • Troubleshoot filesystems

Compress files and Directories

  • Tar
  • gzip
  • Bzip2
  • Take over the root account
  • Steps to change root’s passwd
  • Relabel all files in the system for SELINUX

Targets and Services

  • Understanding the updated “runlevels”
  • Default targets
  • Changing target
  • Starting, Stopping, and checking the status services (service and chkconfig update)


  • Installing cron
  • Configuring Cron
  • Creating cron jobs
  • Verifying cron jobs


  • Configuring repositories
  • Troubleshooting repositories
  • Disabling repositories

Kernel Updates

  • Configuring a repository for kernel updates
  • Updating the kernel
  • Making sure you can boot from new and old version of the kernel
  • Making a specific version of the kernel the default version


  • Installing Chrony
  • Configuring Network Time Services

Configuring LDAP clients with an existing LDAP server

  • Understanding what LDAP is and how it works
  • Installing LDAP on a client system
  • Installing GUI tool for LDAP
  • Configuring autofs with LDAP


  • Understanding firewalls
  • Listing firewall rules
  • Opening ports

In these 2 modules we will review any doubts and have practice exams that mimic the official test to get you used to the time limitations and expectations.

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