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How COVID impacted Yellow Tail Tech

Positively, positively, definitely because it did two things. When the pandemic hit, we just completed a complete pivot to having an exclusively online program. So it’s just like adding gas to the fire that we already put together because after COVID, people were more receptive to the idea of online corroboration in general. Here and there, you used to hear some people say, I need the face to face interaction. I need to feel that I’m walking into a class, but after COVID, this totally went away. So people got comfortable with collaborating, studying, going to work in a completely remote fashion. Because we trying to mimic as much as possible what they’re going to encounter in a real environment, which is remote collaboration.

I did a survey, over 95% of our alumni are working a hundred percent remotely and I don’t think that’s going to change. So a lot of people need to, if they’re still considering IT, they have to be comfortable with completely operating in a remote environment. It definitely helped expand our reach and serve the whole United States in general.

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