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Requirements to become a teacher

What are the requirements to become an instructor?

Interesting stats. The first thing is 90% of our instructors was trained by us. So most of our instructors have the same background. That’s the big difference also, by the way, when we were talking about colleges, versus what we offer here, is that most of our instructors they’ve gone through the same process. So they understand where you coming from, what it actually takes to get there, and how to support you. So what we require is that you have a job, you have multiple certification, and you are performing at the highest level in your career, because we don’t invite any instructor to come deliver what they are not doing themselves. So that’s the requirement.

We understand where your training came from, how you went about acquiring it, what you are doing in your current job, and how it is you can add that same value to other students. So our instructors relate in a very deep way to our student body, because they’ve been through this.

90% of our instructor came from a non-IT background, meaning accounting, psychology, social work. You see what I mean? So they are the success story of what the student is trying to aspire to.

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Silvana Zapanta

Sil brings a wealth of experience to her writing and editing projects. After nearly a decade guiding college students in research and communication, she shifted her focus to freelance writing and editing. Her passion for education continues through volunteer work, where she empowers others by teaching research and writing skills.

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