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What to expect in an IT career

The time of only showing up and doing what’s required is long gone.

Hello. My name is Jubee, co-founder at Yellow Tail Tech, where we help people with no IT background get their first high-paying IT job. Today, I want to talk about ownership and involvement expectations at your new IT job. Now, companies expect more and more from you. The time of only showing up and doing what’s required is long gone. So besides having a positive attitude, being a team player, being dependable, all that’s great, but they expect more. They expect you to take initiatives. Sometimes that will mean taking on ownership of a project that’s not necessarily assigned to you, but also sometimes you have to go above and beyond.

Taking Initiative and Ownership

Sometimes it’s going to mean finding something that needs improvement in your environment. That could be a process. That could be an application or a service. Find a project to improve, put together the project, take ownership, and go to the team and say, “Hey, this is the issue I find, this is the project I’m putting together, and this is how I’m going to improve it.”

The Value of Proactivity in IT Careers

Because nowadays, companies don’t hire taskers. They want people to get involved. And want you to take ownership. They want you to add value to the organization. You have to find processes to improve to show how you are willing to add value to the team in general. That’s what they look for. So take ownership of your new IT career by checking us out at See what we about. Look around. If it looks like a good fit, schedule a career strategy session with our team, and let’s talk about it. And if you got any value out of this, like, share, subscribe, and stay tuned for other videos like this one.

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