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Why IT Certifications are important

Every time, you’re ready to get a raise, you go and acquire an additional certification.

Well, yeah, I like to say NIT, it’s one of the only industries where you actually control the track of your career. So basically the concept of giving yourself a raise is simple. Every time you’re ready to get a raise, you go and acquire an additional certification. After each additional certification NIT, you literally increase your market value. So every time you get an additional certification, you can go to your employer and simply tell them, “Hey, I have this new certification,” and you don’t even have to explain or convince them. They understand with every new certification, your market value has increased. With that alone, you go to them, you will either immediately get a raise from them. You can negotiate a new raise, or your market value for your next job is bigger. Meaning, let’s say they don’t have it in the budget to give you that raise. That doesn’t change your market value. You can choose now, or you will have the option to move on and be able to go demand more money on the job market.

So one of the few industries where every time you’re ready to actually make more money, you strap down, you get more knowledge, you get more certifications. Not only knowledge, yeah, it’s great to have more knowledge, but certification is the way you prove the market you have acquired that knowledge. So basically you strap down, you train, study for the next certification. It improves your knowledge about the subject. You become more of a subject matter expert, what they call SME in the industry. And you go to your employer, get more money, or if they’re not ready, if you’re ready yourself to move on, you just move on to the next job with more money. So that’s why I like to say it’s one of the only industries where you literally give yourself a raise every time you feel you’re ready for it. So that’s what I meant.

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