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Why Pursue A Career In Information Technology

If somebody wanted to get into the IT field arena, what do you recommend? Let’s say they’re in another career and they’re thinking about going to IT, what should they do?

First, do it for the right reason. Don’t do it for the money. A lot of people look into IT because they hear it’s a good way to make six figures or beyond. Do it for the right reason. Do it because you are genuinely interested in reinventing your career. And secondly, make sure you understand that passion for technology is built. You acquire passion by doing, by getting better. It’s a positive feedback loop. Do more, learn more, and you’re going to be more passionate. So don’t just wait for passion to show up at your door before you jump in. Do, get committed, and then you’re going to be passionate, you’re going to be better for it in general. But get in for the right reason to start with.

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