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Earn a 6-Figure Income with These IT Jobs

2022 is nearing its conclusion, and it’s this time of the year when people usually reevaluate their career choices. 

For those who are considering shifting careers in pursuit of a more stable job and a higher income, IT is definitely the lucrative industry to break into. Many sectors, even fields that aren’t considered to be focused on tech, are starting to greatly invest in innovating areas of their work processes, resulting in more IT roles to fill in. Of course, with the growing demand for IT professionals, the search for new employees also gets competitive and the compensation offered gets higher.

A 6-Figure Salary is More Attainable in Tech

When we talk about salaries, bagging a 6-figure amount annually is one of the career milestones that most of us aim to achieve. Although your paycheck will be determined by several factors such as credentials, experience, and tenure, landing this 6-figure income in tech is more attainable than it seems. In fact, Glassdoor estimated in December 2021 that IT professionals in the United States earn a total pay of $116,185, and that’s just on average.

To give you an idea, below are some IT roles that earn a 6-figure income annually which you can align your career plans to.

Tech Roles That Earn 6-Figure Annually:

Software Engineer

As mentioned, organizations from different sectors are now turning to software-based solutions, so software engineering easily tops this list. Software engineers are programmers who specialize in developing software solutions that satisfy the needs of businesses or government agencies. They are tasked to design, develop, test, maintain, and improve applications. Software engineers who want to improve their skill set should look into becoming full-stack developers. An experienced software engineer can earn as high as $196,942 per year.

Cloud Engineer

90% of companies are estimated to utilize the cloud today, migrating important assets such as sensitive data and programs for a more secure, accessible, and eco-friendly platform. Cloud engineers are responsible for designing, integrating, and managing your company’s cloud infrastructure. You may also be expected to provide all-around support, depending on what needs arise.  Experienced Cloud Engineers earn as much as $187,478 annually.

Data Scientist

The demand for data scientists, sometimes interchangeably referred to as data analysts may arguably top this list. As organizations rely more and more on digital data, data scientists are seeking to strategically collect, analyze, interpret, and present even the most complex of data. These data are then used by organizations to make better critical business decisions. Aside from creating data models, data scientists may also be tasked to understand machine learning algorithms. An established data scientist can earn as much as $238,830 per year. 

Cybersecurity Specialist

As the reliance on technology increases among industries, security threats also strengthen in parallel. Due to this, cybersecurity specialists continue to be in demand. Cybersecurity specialists protect the overall IT system of an organization by analyzing vulnerabilities in software, hardware, systems, and data centers. They are also expected to protect them from threats and attacks. Cybersecurity specialists can earn as much as $167,322 annually.

Systems Administrator

While you might already know that being a system administrator is one of the best ways to transition into tech, you might be surprised to hear that those with a strong background can earn as much as $117,226 a year. System administrators, often abbreviated to sysadmins, are responsible for monitoring, maintaining, and troubleshooting (if problems arise) an organization’s computer servers and networks. You’ll be expected to be skilled in managing operating systems such as Mac, Windows, or Linux.

Where to Start Your Journey to a 6-Figure Salary in Tech

It’s important to put it out there that even IT professionals need solid technical experience to land a 6-figure income. However, if you’re not yet in tech, the first step would be making the switch.

Fortunately, with how in-demand IT jobs are, you don’t necessarily need a degree these days but doing it alone will be extremely overwhelming and counter-productive. If you’re determined and ready to put in the hard work, Yellow Tail Tech offers programs that are structured to help you seamlessly break into the IT industry, even without a tech background. Our Lnx For Jobs and Cloud For Jobs 2.0 courses are specifically designed to equip you only with the in-demand skills and credentials and help you land a job offer upon completion. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, book a 10-minute intro call with our Enrollment Advisor now!

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