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AWS to Cloud For Jobs 2.0.

From AWS to Cloud For Jobs 2.0: New Name, Same Commitment to Cloud Industry Success

Exciting news for students pursuing careers in the cloud industry! Cloud For Jobs 2.0, a program that Yellow Tech Tail designed to help students land jobs in the cloud industry, is now “Cloud For Jobs 2.0.” 

The change of name from AWS to Cloud better reflects the program’s commitment to providing students with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in the cloud industry.

Read on to discover what this name change entails. 

Why Change the Name from AWS to Cloud For Jobs 2.0?

As an authorized partner of AWS, Yellow Tail Tech realized that it could not compete with the AWS trademark. Additionally, we recognize that the Cloud For Jobs 2.0 program we now offer is not just limited to AWS but covers the entire cloud industry. In light of this, “Cloud For Jobs 2.0” seems more fitting.

The new name reflects our commitment to providing students with the best possible preparation for a successful career in the cloud industry. The program focuses on preparing students to meet the changing demands of this ever-evolving industry.

Yellow Tail Tech takes pride in being part of this industry and remains dedicated to helping students succeed. We believe that the name “Cloud For Jobs 2.0” will:

  • Make the program more accessible to students interested in careers in cloud computing
  • Better represent the diverse range of opportunities available in the cloud industry 

As such, the program will provide students with more comprehensive education and training.

Cloud For Jobs 2.0 Gets You from Zero to Job-Ready

Yellow Tail Tech’s “Cloud For Jobs 2.0” program prepares individuals to contribute to an organization’s cloud computing efforts as DevOps engineers. The program centers on teaching students how to create automatable and repeatable deployments of applications, networks, and systems on the AWS platform.

Program completers will be able to:

  • deploy a fault-tolerant and resilient web service architecture in AWS, 
  • monitor availability, 
  • simulate and test failure scenarios and recovery, 
  • optimize cloud service infrastructure for cost and performance, 
  • use Terraform to provision and configure AWS services in a global configuration, 
  • evaluate a cloud environment’s security vulnerabilities, and 
  • write code to automate tasks using AWS APIs and AWS Lambda.

The program requires a time commitment of nine (9) months with 7–10 hours per week. All prerequisites are part of the program, which follows a format that includes live sessions 2-3 times a week from 7 to 9 PM EST. Students must commit to attending 95% of the live sessions. They can access pre-lecture and supplemental material on our student learning platform.

Cloud For Jobs 2.0 Covers Industry-Relevant Courses

The Cloud For Jobs 2.0 program provides comprehensive training for individuals seeking to pursue a career in information technology. It covers five courses catering to IT professionals’ specific needs.

The five courses offered by the “Cloud For Jobs 2.0” program are:

  • IT Infrastructure and Networking: This five-week course provides students with an overview of the fundamentals of computers, networking, and the IT field in general. It complements the “Clouds for Jobs” program and enhances students’ capacity to articulate IT services and processes.
  • Linux System Administration: This course provides a solid foundation for navigating a Linux operating system. It covers user administration, security, networking, processes, storage, and more. The 16-week course includes ten modules covering various topics such as directory structure, user management, file permissions, and troubleshooting.
  • Cloud For Jobs 2.0 Training: This course is for individuals who want to learn how to create automatable and repeatable deployments of applications, networks, and systems on the AWS platform. The 16-week course includes 16 modules covering various topics such as cloud concepts, computing services, monitoring, security, and more.
  • AWS SysOps Certification Prep: This course prepares students for the Certified AWS Systems Operations Engineers exam. It covers monitoring and reporting, high availability, security, networking, automation, and feedback. The eight-week course is ideal for individuals starting their careers in AWS Cloud Engineering.
  • Python Automation: This course uses basic Python coding to create workflow automation with AWS APIs and Lambda. It gives students the knowledge and skills to automate tasks using Python in the AWS environment. It has two parts: Python programming fundamentals and automating with Python in AWS. 

Why Enroll in Yellow Tail Tech’s Cloud For Jobs 2.0?

Yellow Tail Tech’s Cloud For Jobs 2.0 program offers courses that prepare students for a career in cloud computing, which is rapidly growing and could be worth over a trillion dollars by 2028

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift to cloud-based services, with businesses seeking cost-efficient and flexible solutions to enable remote work. As a result, professionals with cloud skills are in high demand, and companies are offering competitive salaries and benefits to attract them. Reports suggest that cloud-related job roles are some of the highest-paid positions in the tech industry.

Yellow Tail Tech’s program gets students from zero to job-ready. They are ready to land cloud computing jobs with high salaries. They can be

  • A network and cloud architect who earns an average of $106,100/year in the US
  • A cloud network engineer who makes an average of $150,866/year
  • A computer systems analyst who helps companies adapt to technological changes and earns an average of  $73,318 /year in the US

Enrolling in Yellow Tail Tech’s Cloud For Jobs 2.0 program would be a wise investment for anyone eyeing an IT career. Gaining cloud computing skills makes them eligible for ample job opportunities with high salaries.

The Future is in the Cloud: Enroll in Cloud For Jobs 2.0 Today

The name change from AWS to Cloud For Jobs 2.0 is timely, given the increasing demand for cloud professionals and the promising salary trends. Yellow Tail Tech is confident that students and partners will receive this change well. 

We look forward to continuing to work with students and partners to provide the best possible education and training in the cloud industry. We hope students and partners share our excitement for this new chapter of “Cloud For Jobs 2.0.”

Book a 10-minute intro call with our Enrollment Advisor today to learn how Yellow Tail Tech can help you achieve your professional goals in the cloud computing industry.

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