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From Service Desk to Linux Admin: Beth Haupt's IT Success Story

From Service Desk to Linux Admin: How Beth Haupt, a Single Mom, Leveled Up Her IT Career 

Meet Beth Haupt, a Service Desk Analyst breaking the glass ceiling on becoming a Linux System Administrator. As a single mom, Beth’s journey is anything but ordinary. She successfully manages the balancing act between work, parenting, and education and has discovered a way to make it all work.

Her story is not just about career advancement; it’s about personal growth, resilience, and the power of community support. Let’s dive into her inspiring story.

The Turning Point: A Career Crossroads

Beth had been working as a Service Desk Analyst for a while when she realized she’d hit a roadblock. “You kind of hit a point where you can’t learn anymore,” she said. 

Intrigued by Linux since 2016, Beth decided to pivot her career. She was eager for a challenge, fully prepared to learn, and determined to advance. This shift wasn’t merely a whimsical choice but a well-thought-out move driven by her professional and personal growth ambition.

Why Yellow Tail Tech? The Perfect Fit

When selecting a boot camp, Beth had specific criteria in mind. She required a program that would enable her to maintain her job and fulfill her family responsibilities. That’s when she discovered Yellow Tail Tech’s Lnx For Jobs program.

Beth was thrilled with the program’s format. “The classes are in person, and they’re not too long. The two hours is just enough time,” Beth explained. The program’s flexibility was a game-changer for her, particularly as a single mom with a mortgage and a teenager at home. She also valued the program’s real-world applicability, which made her feel confident in her educational investment.

The Apprenticeship Experience: Real-World Learning

The apprenticeship aspect of Yellow Tail Tech’s program immediately caught Beth’s attention. “Just continue to gain experience and get the interaction,” she noted. The defining moment came when her workplace invited her to shadow their Linux admin, and she found that the setup was “exactly the same as it is in the apprenticeship.”

The program wasn’t just a course but a pathway to a new career. It was a validating moment that showcased the program’s real-world applicability and gave Beth the assurance she needed to progress.

Overcoming Technical Challenges: A Mindset Shift

Beth’s transition is challenging. Switching from a Windows to a Linux environment was one of those challenges that Beth significantly encountered. “You really have to throw that out the door and really just start new,” she advised. 

But she also emphasized the importance of commitment. “If you take the leap, you have to commit to it,” she said, echoing the sentiments of many who successfully made career transitions. This change in mindset was essential for Beth, who had to unlearn some of her previous habits and adapt to a new way of thinking.

The Support System: A Community of Believers

Beth found a solid support system among her classmates at Yellow Tail Tech. “If you’re ever doubting yourself, just talk with your classmates and get back to it,” she said. This community helped her through moments of self-doubt and kept her focused on her goals. 

It’s easy to underestimate the power of a supportive community, but for Beth, it was a cornerstone of her success.

Skills and Job Landing: The Final Frontier

Beth acquired Linux system administration skills instrumental in landing her new job. But it wasn’t just the technical skills that made a difference but also the career support from Yellow Tail Tech. 

“The Linux questions on the third mock interview were like 80 percent the same as the questions in my real-life interview,” she revealed. This targeted preparation set her up for success in the job market, making her transition from a Service Desk Analyst to a Linux Admin smooth.

The Single Mom Challenge: Juggling Multiple Roles

Being a single parent is a complex juggling act. A Harvard Business Review (HBR) article notes that solo parents develop unique problem-solving skills. Time management becomes an art form, a skill Beth mastered when choosing Yellow Tail Tech’s program. “They always posted the videos the next day, so you could just touch right up and be back on track,” she said. This flexibility was vital for Beth, balancing her roles as a mom, an employee, and a student.

The HBR article also emphasizes unique housing arrangements and flexible work schedules. While Beth didn’t change her housing, she adapted her schedule to fit her educational goals. Yellow Tail Tech’s flexible timing allowed her to keep her job while attending classes, a must-have feature for a single mom with financial responsibilities.

Moreover, the HBR article discusses “Building Pragmatic Support Networks.” Solo parents often build networks that include their children and extended family. Beth found a similar support system among her classmates. As mentioned earlier, Beth would reach out to her classmate when she started doubting herself. This Yellow Tail Tech community was a cornerstone of her success.

Beth’s Experience

Beth’s experience aligns with the article’s point about “Capitalizing on Stolen Moments.” Solo parents maximize small moments to connect with their children and fulfill work responsibilities. Beth had to miss a few classes but caught up by watching recorded sessions, ensuring she stayed on track with her education while managing her home and work lives.

Lastly, the article talks about a “healthy reframing of one’s relationship to work,” which Beth embodies. She saw her educational journey as a commitment requiring her full attention. “You really have to be all in,” she said, which is relevant to the lives of many solo parents who must be fully committed to every role they play.

Beth’s journey as a single mom transitioning into tech is a lesson in effective multitasking. She leveraged Yellow Tail Tech’s flexible and practical program to navigate the challenges of being a single parent, an employee, and a student. Her story exemplifies the resilience and ingenuity that solo parents often develop, as highlighted in the HBR article. It’s not just about overcoming challenges; it’s about turning them into stepping stones for growth.

Final Thoughts: A Journey of Resilience and Growth

The right mix of determination, support, and education best describes Beth’s successful transition into tech. She overcame the challenges of being a single mom while advancing her career, thanks to Yellow Tail Tech’s comprehensive program. “It’s definitely a marathon and not a sprint,” she said, reflecting on her journey. But as she crossed the finish line, she found it all worth it.

Did Beth’s story inspire you? Ready to leap into a new career just like she did? Book a 10-minute intro call with our Enrollment Advisor now and start your journey with Yellow Tail Tech today.

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