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Krysten and Roxanne: Sisterhood and Success

“Everybody has a different perspective and a different style of learning, but when you guys come together, you know it really makes a difference in how well you can do it and how far you’ll go in it.” Krysten Gennuso

Support and collaboration are important in any career. Krysten Gennuso and Roxanne Martinez’s sisterly relationship has driven their accomplishments, fostering collaboration and providing unwavering support in their journey through technology. 

Let us look into the experiences of the Gennuso sisters, Krysten and Roxanne, and the lessons they can teach. 

Sisters in Tech

Krysten and Roxanne have an extraordinary bond that goes beyond the typical sisterly relationship. They emotionally supported each other, which became crucial in pursuing their individual goals. 

Roxanne was the first of the two to discover Yellow Tail Tech, and she immediately recommended it to Krysten. Roxanne recognized Krysten’s experience with Linux during her military career. Roxanne’s suggestion that they enroll in the Yellow Tail Tech program was instrumental in their decision to take charge of their career.

Roxanne’s confidence in her sister’s abilities shines through in the way she helped open the door for Krysten to pursue her interest in this field.

Milestones, Challenges, and the Experience

It is understandable to have high expectations when making a career change into IT, as is the case with many other fields. Fortunately, the bond between Krysten and Roxanne helped them overcome various challenges that tested their resolve and determination. 

In one instance, Krysten was called away for annual training and had to deal with an obstacle she had not anticipated. She would miss two to three weeks of school because of this and might fall behind in her studies as a result. Roxanne stepped in to offer her support for the catch-up because she realized how important it was. In spite of the time difference, Roxanne worked tirelessly to help Krysten so that she would not fall behind.  

Krysten, meanwhile, inspired Roxanne to keep working on Lnx For Jobs. Krysten urged her sister to keep going through the program because she saw Roxanne’s potential and knew she was eager to expand her knowledge of technology.  

Roxanne’s unwavering support and faith in Krysten’s abilities were instrumental in propelling Krysten to her personal best. And Krysten, by virtue of her own experiences and development, served as a source of inspiration for Roxanne, who was thereby encouraged to press on in spite of the difficulties. 

When Krysten and Roxanne worked together at Yellow Tail Tech, they were indispensable to one another. They were there for each other as they navigated the challenges that came with making a career change.

Sisterly Bond for Success

Krysten and Roxanne have come to understand that the key to success is not competition but rather genuine support and cooperation. Their journey’s lessons demonstrate the significant impact of their sibling bond. 

Encouragement is a cornerstone of Krysten and Roxanne’s sisterly bond. Through every success and failure, they are each other’s biggest cheerleaders. Krysten and Roxanne foster a growth mindset and steadfastness by constantly affirming each other’s abilities and providing words of encouragement.

Collaboration and mutual support have also been integral to Krysten and Roxanne’s achievement of shared objectives. They have formed a powerful alliance that allows them to reach their full potential by combining their resources. They are always on the lookout for new ways to work together, pooling their expertise, resources, and knowledge to solve problems and seize opportunities. 

Tips for the Journey a Tech Career

Drawing inspiration from the journeys of Krysten and Roxanne, who navigated their own career shifts, here are some valuable tips to consider when embarking on a career transition.

Define Your Goals and Create a Roadmap

Clearly articulating your motivations and aspirations before making a career change is essential. Think about the experiences, training, and education you need to succeed in your new field. Make a detailed plan outlining the activities you must complete to reach your objectives. 

Krysten and Roxanne’s journey is a testament to the importance of a clear roadmap. They were willing to assist one another in getting back on track when unexpected events disrupted their plans or schedules. They have set themselves up for success in their career transitions by clearly outlining their objectives and the necessary actions to achieve them.

Acquire relevant skills and knowledge

Think carefully about what you need to know and do to succeed in your chosen field. Put in the time and effort to learn these skills and obtain these certifications. Forbes claims that both IBM and Hilton have begun using a “skills-based hiring” model, which places more value on relevant experience than academic credentials. 

Krysten and Roxanne understood the value of learning Linux and other technical skills, so they enrolled in Yellow Tail Tech. They prepared themselves for success in their new fields by proactively acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge.

Leverage Transferable Skills

The key to a successful career change is finding ways to put your prior experience to use in your new field of work. In interviews and on your resume, emphasize how these abilities will help you do well in your new position.

Krysten’s background with Linux from her time in the military laid a solid groundwork for her new career in the IT sector. Her experience in Linux was a marketable trait that helped set her apart and propel her to the top of her field.

Network and Seek Mentorship

When making a career change, it can be helpful to seek out mentorship and expand one’s professional network. Even after graduation, you can still reach out to alumni for assistance. 

The paths taken by Krysten and Roxanne show how important connections and role models can be. They immersed themselves in the Yellow Tail Tech program, where they met industry experts and mentors who helped them navigate the transition from one job to the next.

Embrace Resilience and Adaptability

There are usually many unknowns and difficulties involved in changing careers. Prepare yourself to overcome these challenges by cultivating resilience and flexibility. Be steadfast in your pursuit of success, resilient in the face of obstacles, and flexible in your approach. 

Both Krysten and Roxanne overcame obstacles and adapted to new situations during their professional development. They were successful in their transitions thanks to their doggedness and their capacity to learn and adjust to novel circumstances and technologies.

Bottom Line

The strength of Krysten and Roxanne’s bond as sisters is an inspiration. Their extraordinary bond illustrates how sisters can motivate and support each other to achieve extraordinary goals.  

Their mutual support during their career transition also illustrates the value of having an ally in the industry. You can count on Yellow Tail Tech to be that reliable ally. 

If you want to follow in Krysten and Roxanne’s footsteps, book a 10-minute intro call with an Enrollment Advisor now!

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