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Most Memorable Job Interview Stories from Yellow Tail Tech Students and Alumni

At one point in your adult life, you’ve had a job interview that you just can’t forget. You might have prepared for it the best way you can or it must be one of those where you just show up and take the questions spontaneously. It might have also been for your dream job or one that wasn’t really in your top choices. The fact is, whether you got the job or not, you’ll always have a story to tell that you’ll effortlessly remember when asked about your most memorable job interview experience. Here are some from our students, alumni, and coach that you may relate to or even pick up a few tips for your next meeting with a recruiter.

When Krysten was THE team player

For Krysten Gennuso, one of our students currently taking the program, her most memorable interview was that for CBRN NCO position for the CST-WMD unit in Hawaii. She already felt by the atmosphere that it’s a type of interview that’s ‘very serious, no laugh, don’t fumble your words.’

When asked about how well she will fit in with the rest of the team, Krysten answered them straightforwardly and honestly. “There was no hesitation that I will always work to better myself for the team and the mission. It was always the mission, my team, then me.”

Kirsten firmly believes that she needs to be a team player to be successful. “Among everyone on the team, there is a wealth of knowledge that is learned. The longer you are together as a team, the more you grow with them and alongside them.”

When Adrian Trusted His Lucky S.T.A.R.

Adrian Hill, another Yellow Tail Tech’s current student, has an interview hack that seemed to have always worked well for him: the Situation-Task-Action-Result (STAR) approach. He shares that after his interview with Coca-Cola, the rule of thumb he started to follow is to write down experiences that he encounters daily in his current and previous jobs. “These later become great responses for my succeeding interviews. They are relatable experiences for me and once I learn to explain them properly, I can turn them into strong responses to job interview questions.”

Adrian also tipped us that when you’re asked about your strength and weaknesses, you’ll usually be reluctant in sharing the latter. Who wants to undersell themselves during job interviews, right? “When you spun a weakness correctly, you can easily turn it into something positive. An example for me is how being a perfectionist can be both a strength and a weakness.” While you ensure that the output is of top-tier quality, it might take you longer to get these projects completed.

When Gregory Already Had a ‘Problem’ Even Before He Got the Job

Instead of the same old, boring questions recruiters usually ask, Gregory Goguen, a Yellow Tail Tech alumnus, had to solve a technical case when he was applying for technical support for a biotech company. Although it already is some time ago, it’s a memorable experience for him since “it’s a really interesting way of conducting a technical interview.” He adds that he was given a list of parameters and was asked why someone wasn’t able to access the internet, about DHCP servers not working. “Of course, there were questions on why I made this choice and that choice and I think I answered them ok but now knowing more about networking, I think I would have answered them better.

Arash’s Plot Twist

Another Yellow Tail Tech alumnus, Arash Torabi, shared about his memorable job interview being rather short. “I had a phone interview with 2 gentlemen at the same time and they asked me just 3-4 questions and done.” They were mainly about troubleshooting, his previous experience, topped with some basic Linux questions. 

Arash trusted his gut and explained how his eager and genuine passion for learning new things to continuously improve his skill set will make him an asset to the company. “I thought I did so badly in the interview but after 3 hours, they called me and gave me a job offer!”

When Rob Found Something He Wasn’t Looking For

Rob Coble our Career Success Coach shares that his most memorable job interview was the one he got after leaving his music career at Full Sail University in pursuit of a new industry. “I had networked for a year with this woman, trying to get her attention, and when she finally did bring me in, it was not for a specific position but more of a get-to-know-each-other session.” Since the interview was not meant for a certain job role, Rob felt the extra pressure that he had to shine. “Towards the end of the interview, she asked, ‘Where are we going to find a home for you?’ I ended up taking a job well below what I would have wanted in order to get a foot in the door and was thankfully promoted twice in the first year.”

Reflecting on that experience now, Rob adds “Having the chance to switch to the education industry with the capacity to help others experience the opportunities I have is a great motivation for punching in each morning.”

“Sometimes, in second careers, you need to take a step back to then move forward. That’s what I did and I have not regretted it once in the past 19 years.”

If you’re someone who’s considering breaking into the IT industry for that high-paying and stable job, Yellow Tail Tech can equip you with the skills and training you’ll need. We also don’t stop here, we’ll be with you until you get hired, from job interviews to your job offers. Book a 10-minute intro call with our Enrollment Advisor and get started on your IT career journey!

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