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Specialization in the IT Industry: Depth not width

In the modern age of technology, a lot of people seem to think that the more you know about IT, the better you are. There is a common belief that being a jack of all trades in this industry is the ideal or the standard, but what people don’t understand is that this can hurt more than it helps. Plenty of people come up to question if we are ever going to expand outside of Linux and AWS, such as exploring cybersecurity and DBA, but the thing is: is it really ideal to know everything?

You might say yes, but the real answer? It’s actually a no. What happens in these cases is that you end up knowing so much that you don’t know anything at all. Imagine having all the knowledge that you can have, but you never learn anything below the surface level of information. Yes, you might be flexible somehow, but can you really understand a concept fully if you don’t focus on deepening your knowledge on it?

Now, focusing on a single subject matter – there are no limitations to the knowledge you can attain from it. You get to work on every single part of this specific subject, from its origin to its process, and furthermore, to its future developments. The more you familiarize yourself with a single subject matter, the more money you can make from it. This is the first step you can take in being an expert and leading in the IT industry.

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Jack of all trades, master of none

This idiom is slowly gaining recognition in the industry as the idea that a developer who knows a bit of everything can rarely be amazing at anything. The question always asked is what should a programmer, an engineer, developer, or really anyone, prioritize? Is it generalized knowledge or specialized skills? Competency in plenty or mastery of one?

There might not be a specific answer, but here is something that you should know. If you want to have a powerful career, learn one thing to its fullest and use that to maximize your opportunities. This is the key to making the kind of money that you want. That is why depth trumps width.

When you go into something with the intention to deeply uncover things and obtain knowledge, you have to choose a single track and path to walk on. Like selecting the Linux system administration or the Linux system engineering to focus on, you can really choose to know anything if you set your mind to it. And now that you’ve selected that track, you can opt to get multiple certifications in it – that’s the way to get to the top in a straightforward manner.

However, knowing a bit of database administration, information on cybersecurity, and a generous dash of coding? That path doesn’t lead to one that goes somewhere, it actually gives you more routes to choose from, and you can’t go through all of them simultaneously. Even then, you’ll have to go through them one by one. The best you can get by choosing the multiple path options is a job, but you can never be the expert.

Being a master of a few

This is why we choose to focus on two main things: Lnx For Jobs and Cloud For Jobs 2.0. We have crafted programs that can help you gain skills in Linux System Administration and become a successful DevOps engineer. To prove our confidence in these two programs, we offer a tuition reimbursement guarantee. If you haven’t landed a job yet within 5 months after finishing the internship, we can refund the full price you paid.

We have continuously improved our programs and shaped them to be the best in the industry by focusing on AWS and Linux system administration. There’s no technical experience required, meaning anyone can choose us and still come out with the foundation of a skill set needed to continue on the road to becoming a professional. All prerequisites are built into our curriculum and perfectly designed, even for non-IT professionals.

We are structured to succeed as one of the primary goals, along with teamwork, cooperation, and confidence. The end goal will always be that everyone who enters our programs goes out with higher chances of landing a job. This is why our offered programs end with the words “FOR JOBS” because we want to ensure that you are job-ready, right from the beginning up until the end.

All of this was achieved because we chose to focus on depth, not on width. A wider range does not automatically mean better knowledge; sometimes, deeper knowledge is what can actually raise you higher in ranks and in the industry.

Specialism has its perks

Some jobs require a specific set of skills and knowledge in the IT industry that can only be achieved by those who know all too much about a singular topic. If you don’t already know, there are plenty of in-demand positions because of the specific amount of knowledge required. These positions value learning more than flexibility.

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Sure, being flexible is always a good thing, but if you want to be the best of the best, your singular option is to focus on one and let it bring you to the top. Though we aren’t telling you it’s wrong to be knowledgeable in other fields, but it is helpful to be the best in one field and make yourself known for that. It is proven and tested if you look around the industry’s top money-makers.

Technology is a vast thing to work in; you encounter more than just a few concepts when you’re starting out. But with Yellow Tail Tech, we guarantee you that with the amount of effort we have put in with perfecting our two programs, you’re sure to land the ideal job once you finish. This is why the difference between depth and width is significant – and why you should always choose to go with depth, not width.

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Not that convinced yet? We can prove it to you here. But if you’re all set and ready to book a 10-minute intro call with our enrollment advisor.

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