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New Year, Better Career In Tech: 5 Things to Add to Your New Year’s Resolution

For most–if not everyone–of us, the beginning of the year marks the start of pursuing the betterment of different aspects of our lives. This is why a New Year’s Resolution is a worldwide tradition that people look forward to. The list usually consists of action plans on how you can achieve a healthier lifestyle, strengthen relationships, or boost your career in tech.

However, 80% of people fail their New Year’s resolutions as early as February, just a month after trying them. One of the main reasons why failing is more common than succeeding is that it can be pretty overwhelming to stick to new commitments. This is especially true when it comes to your career, where you’ll eventually make choices that can permanently alter its course.

As an organization that has been helping people on a professional rut achieve a thriving profession in IT for years, Yellow Tail Tech welcomes 2023 with you by giving these top 5 tips you can do to future-proof your career in tech.

Read the list below and consider adding them to your New Year’s Resolution!

Regularly Evaluate Your Value in the Current Market

The best way to start is to know your standing in the current market in terms of skills, experience, and notable achievements. Research the salary of professionals with equivalent credentials on different platforms, and do a comparative analysis on what you’re being paid for. Is your current employer being generous or are you getting less than your counterparts? If the results are unsatisfactory to you, then the next item should be your priority.

Know What’s In-Demand and Focus on Upskilling

The market is aggressively growing to be more and more competitive by each year, so it’s only logical that employers prioritize hiring or promoting professionals that are equipped to keep up with the trends. Believe us when we say that you won’t want to get left behind, otherwise, you’ll get stuck or lose your relevance in your field.

Research what industries are thriving and what specific expertise are in demand, then be as specific as possible in choosing what aligns with your career in tech. It’s also important that you thoroughly look up the credibility of the training that you’ll commit to so you won’t set yourself up for failure.

Build Your Credibility by Getting Certifications that Matter

When acquiring new skills, anyone can self-train and claim a certain level of subject matter expertise. Although job applications will most certainly include assessments, most applicants don’t even get that far without competitive credentials.

The good thing is that the market is progressing from relying heavily on a college degree and work experience alone to also weighing in certifications that are conducted by recognized organizations. However, it’s extremely important that you only get certifications that matter, otherwise, they’re just a waste of your resources. A good example would be some certifications gained from self-paced courses which often have little significance to employers. 

Getting the right certifications after upskilling will increase your marketability when seeking greater opportunities. You can check the required qualifications or nice-to-haves on your target career from different job boards and see what employers usually look for.

Optimize Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile

Actively updating your resume means you’re always ready when an opportunity comes your way. It also makes it easier for you to optimize and align with the job you’re applying for. In recent years, there are also changes in what format recruiters want to see so be sure to keep up-to-date with that as well!

The same goes for your LinkedIn profile. It’s THE social media of businesses and your profile basically is a resume in itself that any employer can view at any time. More than 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn to source candidates so be sure that your work experience and skillset are flaunted nicely in case you get scouted!

Grow and Nurture Your Network

This might be an obvious take, but having impactful connections is advantageous for your career. Aside from a strong support network, you’ll have increased visibility and a good reputation in your industry. It’s also one of the best ways you can learn where the opportunities are.

A few ways to network are by keeping in touch with former colleagues, attending industry events, joining virtual groups or communities, or even as simple as connecting with relevant professionals and recruiters on LinkedIn.

IT as your major breakthrough this 2023

It’s no secret that the IT industry’s growth has been exponential year after year and that professionals with the right kind of credentials are being sought after to make up for the employment gap. IT professionals are also known to enjoy higher pay and flexible work setups compared to their counterparts from other industries.

If you felt stuck on your career last year, Yellow Tail Tech can help you smoothly transition into IT for that high-paying and flexible tech job. Our programs are designed for people with little to no IT backgrounds, not only offering an airtight training curriculum of what skills are in demand but also certification assistance and relentless career support so you can go from zero to job-ready.

Book a 10-minute intro call with our Enrollment Advisor to make the shift!

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