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Ray Radam’s Quest Into Tech Industry

Achievement Unlocked: Ray Radam’s Quest Into Tech Industry

Once upon a time, Ray Radam was scared of tech industry, despite being a gamer. But he went from nursing to Uber driver to Linux expert.

Ray once had an Uber passenger tell him it was possible to work in IT without a four-year degree. His curiosity was piqued, but he didn’t pursue the matter then because “it’s scary to just go online… because you’re going to be hooked on scammers,” a plausible excuse not to. He wasn’t actively looking, but when he came across Yellow Tail Tech, he was very thankful because “they made it happen for me.” 

So how did Ray end up with a job in Linux? An ad in the middle of his game, of course. 

Let’s figure out exactly how gaming brought Ray to where he is now. 

Level One: It’s-a Them! Yellow Tail!

Ray was a self-proclaimed gaming addict. He loved mobile games, and he always played them. One day, Ray came across an ad talking about a hybrid program, something that piqued his interest. Ray didn’t even finish the ad before booking with Yellow Tail.

While being in tech industry has curbed this addiction, Ray still likes to play games as a hobby. Now, he plays on other consoles, like a PS4 and a PS5. But his first love will always be mobile games, and now his phone allows him to apply his honed skills to Linux. 

Level Two: The Cake Isn’t a Lie This Time

Ray is one of those IT career shifters with a background in tech. He’s been interested in Linux since he was in high school. Even as he studied to become a nurse and worked as an Uber driver, Ray used Linux as a hobby. Like his mobile games, he figured Linux was just a pastime. He wasn’t convinced even when a passenger told him an IT career was possible without a tech degree.

Ray did try to get into cybersecurity, but it didn’t pan out. There was no framework, making it difficult to learn and progress. Thankfully, Yellow Tail delivered on that front; it proved to him that Linux is more than just a hobby and that there’s a market for it. Thanks to Yellow Tail Tech’s framework and instruction, Ray could put his passion for computers to use. 

By itself, Linux is a popular operating system used in many industries, but Ray chose it because of his history and love for it. He emphasized how “when you learn Linux, your doors are open” to work with AWS and cybersecurity. His advice: “Start with Linux, build the foundation from there, and then spread out after it.”

Level Three: There’s No “X” To Press and Doubt

Yellow Tail Tech was the only school Ray tried. Sure, he tried to get into cybersecurity for a bit, but that wasn’t really a school. He had to learn by himself and through whatever means he could. There wasn’t a schedule, and he didn’t know what to do without much organization.

In Yellow Tail Tech, Ray found the structure he needed. With it, he could happily focus on learning Linux. He especially liked how there were three tiers to choose from. Despite his background, Ray found the first section—in which he was taught the basics—to be the most enjoyable. In the next stage, he was pleased to learn commands “related to passing your certification and also related [to] work because there are a lot of ways to do [things] in Linux.”

But learning practical skills that he can put to use at work is Ray’s favorite part of Yellow Tail Tech. This is part of what he calls the third stage. He learned it’s okay to disagree with people because, “trust me, at work, they’re going to have more disagreement.” 

Ray especially appreciated being hired for the talents he had spent so much time developing. He was taught flexibility in the face of vague rules, and recruiters now call him for his skills. It’s a notable difference from before he got into IT

Bonus Level: Being Filled With Determination

In gaming, players will never level up if they don’t try. It didn’t matter how often they failed; they simply tried again. That’s how Ray learned perseverance through gaming. 

Ray drew strength from the lessons he learned as he persevered through video games to overcome the challenges he faced in real life. That he’s now working a job he loves after working in different careers is a true testament to his skills in Linux and gaming. 

Now, Ray looks at the games he plays and sees how he can apply his skills. Linux is present in many games, and Ray thinks gamers could use it to learn how their games work. Some gamers like learning what their games are made of, so Ray suggests checking out Linux: “I think it would be easier for you [gamers] to transfer into tech industry because you’re already using computers, to begin with.”

Not every gamer would want to know the meat and potatoes of the games they play, but Ray says, “It’s not for application. It’s for gaming. But the concept [is] there. So from there, you can just explore.” Besides, anyone who wants to be a game developer can also use these skills. As Ray says, “knock yourself out.”

Boss Battle: Enduring, Surviving, and Enjoying Life

In the end, getting into a tech industry is all about determination and perseverance. Yes, passion plays a huge role in Ray’s success, but he couldn’t have done it if he wasn’t so determined. 

Gaming had a role to play in Ray’s success as well. He wouldn’t be so used to facing setbacks if he didn’t experience them in his games and life. No matter how “small” video games seem to other people, they were an important springboard for Ray.

Yellow Tail Tech wishes Ray the best of luck in his adventures! And to those who want to take on a new quest into IT, book a 10-minute intro call with an Enrollment Advisor now!

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