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Shaping Success in Tech: The Impact of Yellow Tail Tech’s Teachers

Without teachers, we wouldn’t have doctors, lawyers, programmers, and other professionals. The world wouldn’t progress without them. It is fitting, then, that we set aside the month of May to honor these heroes.

In this article, we share how we roll at Yellow Tail Tech. Teachers here do more than just teach; they guide, inspire, and transform their students into future tech world leaders, and we have our students to attest to that. 

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Personalized Teaching Approaches

Each student’s path to shaping success is unique and vital at Yellow Tail Tech. Pharrah Powell, a Yellow Tail Tech student, reflects on the adaptability of her Yellow Tail Tech teachers. Lessons were “straight to the point,” and “if you didn’t get through the first explanation, they [teachers] were able to formulate it in a way that you understood the concepts that were being performed during class.” Yellow Tail Tech teachers ensure every student understands complex topics while building a personal connection with their students. 

Rahssan Thornton, another Yellow Tail Tech student, shares similar sentiments about his teachers’ dedication, particularly noting their patience and willingness to go the extra mile. Rahssan stresses that what he appreciates the most about his teachers are “the time and patience they both displayed for our cohort.” He explains that they were “answering questions and staying after hours, sometimes almost 2 hours, discussing certain topics that maybe were a little confusing or just to expand on them a little bit more.” Such a level of commitment dramatically contributes to the cohort’s outstanding success.

Mentorship and Support

Georges Eric Rousseau, a teacher at Yellow Tail Tech, speaks passionately about the influence of his mentor on his career, shaping success and teaching philosophy. “My instructor, who I call my mentor, inspired me to be an instructor.” He recounts, “Allan continues to motivate me today. He helped me be comfortable speaking to a group, understanding pauses, and reading/understanding non-verbal feedback.” Georges is now paying it forward with the same kind of mentorship for his students. He has become eager to pass on his knowledge and enthusiasm for tech.

Perspectives on Teachers’ Educational Impact

Rahssan and Pharrah have been deeply affected by how learning occurs at Yellow Tail Tech. Pharrah is thankful that her teachers were straightforward, which helped her and her peers understand complex ideas that are important for advancing their tech careers. Rahssan’s teachers’ extra help and individualized care have made the classroom a helpful and productive place to learn, which Rahssan credits to his success in school and now shaping success to tech.

The impact of Yellow Tail Tech’s teachers is also clearly seen among alumni.

In our previous article on gratitude, Selena Mayes shares how she found strength in the words of her instructor, Lionel, who would often ask, “What is the objective?” This simple question helped Selena keep her focus despite her struggles at that time. Selena also mentioned that the school’s welcoming and practical teaching style makes it an excellent place for anyone wanting to learn and grow, no matter their background.

In that same article, Javier Perez talks about how the practical lessons he learned at Yellow Tail Tech are helping him in his job now, especially the Linux commands that save him a lot of time. He also said that his education continued after he graduated. Javier is still learning new things and plans to study for more tech certifications. His story manifests how Yellow Tail Tech teachers help prepare their students for real jobs and push them to keep learning throughout their careers.

Collective Contributions to Student Success

When teachers like Georges work together, they greatly improve their students’ results. Yellow Tail Tech’s programs, like Lnx for Jobs and Cloud for Jobs 2.0, help students prepare for successful tech roles by combining tough academic training with real-world applications. Stories from former students who have gone on to hold important tech jobs show that this way of teaching works.

After facing a layoff, Rae Ann turned to Yellow Tail Tech to reshape her career. The support and tailored teaching she received allowed her to triumph in the tech industry, moving from uncertainty to a stable and fulfilling tech position. 

Meanwhile, the experience of a single mother, Beth Haupt, shows how dedication and proper guidance can lead to substantial career advancements and shaping success to tech. Beth transitioned from a service desk role to becoming a Linux administrator, a leap made possible through the targeted training and encouragement from her instructors at Yellow Tail Tech. 

Finally, breaking into the competitive field of systems engineering is no small feat, but Carlos Trejos did just that with help from his mentors at Yellow Tail Tech. Carlos’s background in coding was enhanced by the hands-on learning and mentorship at Yellow Tail Tech, allowing him to excel and break barriers in his field. 

Vision for the Future

Georges has a clear vision for the future of tech education at Yellow Tail Tech. He sees the school as an educational institution and a thriving tech hub. “Technology is evolving, and new things are being introduced from time to time,” he says. He is also confident that Yellow Tail Tech would “keep their ears to the ground and strategically observe the new trend and evolution in IT and share it with those who seek it.” He looks forward to preparing students for tech roles, especially future innovations and job opportunities.

Georges also dreams of expanding Yellow Tail Tech’s role in the tech industry: He says he sees Yellow Tail Tech as “a tech firm that companies when looking for a specific skill, could come to and know that they would get a skillful tech.” He adds that “students and alumni would carry a certain prestige that when hired, people would say, this tech is from YT.” That means “they will have good work ethic, they are knowledgeable and resourceful.” Georges is committed to helping Yellow Tail Tech become a leader in the education and tech sector.

Celebrating Our Educators at Yellow Tail Tech

At Yellow Tail Tech, our teachers are the heart of our success. They do more than teach; they mentor, inspire, and prepare students for the future, making an indelible mark on their careers and lives. Our students say it best: our teachers are inspiring and, most importantly, effective. 

It is not only this Teacher Appreciation Month that we thank our teachers. We are forever grateful to these heroes for bringing out the best in our students.

If our teachers’ dedication inspires you and you want to experience learning from them, book a 10-minute intro call now. Learn from the best! 

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