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4 Obvious Signs That You Need a New Tech Career

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There will be days in your current job where you’ll be doubting if it’s really the right one for you, and everyone can relate to that. After all, it might just be due to minor or sudden inconveniences at work and you’ll be okay once you recover. However, if you often catch yourself feeling miserable while attending to your daily responsibilities as an employee, you should start taking it as a good sign that you might need to consider a new tech career.

As Forbes put it, “if you don’t like your work, it won’t like you back“. This remains true today and will remain true in the future, so you really need to pay attention to the signs that your current work is no longer working for you.

If this is your current dilemma (or has been for a long while), read on, because we’ve listed the other unignorable signs that you need to find a more fulfilling tech career.

1. Your Body Keeps on Saying So

Work is not meant to be easy, especially as you try to advance in your career, but it isn’t meant to challenge you at the expense of your health either. The primary sign that you need to look for is if your work is taking a toll on your body. And by this, we mean physical, mental, and emotional health. Are you often getting sick due to stress and overwork? Probably lack of sleep, increased irritability, or even loss of recreational time? Frequent-than-necessary burnouts? This is your body’s way of telling you that your current job sucks.. the health out of it. 

2. You’re Unenthusiastic and Bored Beyond Saving

This is when you notice that you don’t seem to give it your best like you used to. You perform just enough to go by. Your motivation is fading and even if you try to take on new tasks that might excite or reignite your passion, you just couldn’t care less anymore (even if you do it anyway). You’re not expected to be happy about your job every time you clock in but this shouldn’t be your everyday story. 

3. You Don’t Feel Like You Have a Future

When you like your job, you would often consider advancing your career by aiming for a promotion. However, if you start disliking what you do, you become less invested and the promotion you wanted won’t be enough motivation to keep going anymore. Even picturing yourself in your boss’ or other superior’s position makes you feel even more dreadful. Losing the desire to move forward in what you do makes your daily tasks robotically routine and eventually meaningless.

4. Your Salary Doesn’t Seem to Make Up for All the Signs Mentioned Above

Maybe you were already aware of these signs but you still choose to stay because of the salary and other perks offered by your company. With the recent pandemic which shook up a lot of jobs we thought were secure, job security is indeed something to hold on to. Lately, however, your paycheck seems to be outweighed by the many signs you were overlooking. Your paydays may distract you a little bit, but staying for the money and only for the money just made you notice all the other reasons not to stay more, and more often. 

Considering a Work Change in Tech Career

Want a bonus sign? If you’ve read this far, then chances are you’re hanging by a thin thread and you just need the right amount of validation. If all of this fits your current relationship with your work, then it’s really time to break up.

Still, changing jobs or shifting to a different tech career shouldn’t be a decision you should not rush acting upon, no matter how many articles tell you to do so. You have to explore and research all the options that are accessible to you. 

One of the great fields to consider is the IT industry. IT is an ever-developing industry that you’ll find tremendously exciting, plus, it offers some of the most stable and high-paying jobs with options to work remotely for your convenience and well-being.

Yellow Tail Tech can help you with this. We assist people with little to no IT background in transition smoothly into the tech industry with a fulfilling and in-demand tech job.

Our students are just like you. Here are some of their testimonials on what factors drove them to shift careers:

Adrian Hill, changed work to tech career

“It was being laid off multiple times and the strong desire to change my career path that lead me to switch careers.”

-Adrian Hill

Henry Barragan, changed work to tech career

“I want to make more money to support my family, and get a more technically oriented career that is fully remote or away from the general public for health concerns.”

-Henry Barragan

Evelyn LaBoy, changed work to tech career

“I wanted to switch from healthcare to IT because of stability, pay, flexibility, and for the opportunity to grow within the tech industry without spending thousands of dollars on another degree.”

-Evelyn LaBoy

Book a 10-minute intro call with our Enrollment Advisor and learn more about how we can help you shift to a rewarding tech career!

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