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The Benefits Of AWS Training

Cloud computing reigns among the top trends in the technology sphere. Organizations are now switching its infrastructure, legacy systems, and others to the cloud. In addition, due to the high demand of cloud computing, technology companies and firms are now hiring more professionals in cloud computing to keep up with the latest technologies. 

What are the perks of undergoing AWS training? If you undergo AWS training, it can make your career future-proof, improve business development outcomes, help you gain more appreciation for your hard work, attract and retain talent, among others. 

What Makes AWS Unique?

AWS pricing depends on the quantity and types of resources consumed. AWS’s specialties and abilities are useful for users to produce and launch services. In addition, the other services of AWS also provide the following capabilities to users:

  • Leveraging services to improve the development of comprehensive content delivery networks. As a result, the content delivery networks can share static files worldwide. 
  • Creation of managed databases that rely on and are based on renowned database management systems like SQL and others. This property of AWS aids in the storage of information and running reports.
  • Running web servers and others on the cloud system for hosting internal applications and client-facing websites.

Perks of AWS Training

AWS Training alongside AWS certification has plenty of perks. Some of them are:

  • Future-proofs your career – AWS certification’s first mentions relate to the increasing popularity of cloud technology. Research done in recent years indicates that almost 83% of enterprise workloads would transfer to the cloud by 2020. As of status quo, AWS is now the market leader in the cloud service provider work sphere. 
  • Helps you appreciate your efforts moreAWS certifications, like additional certifications and further education regarding upskilling for labor, improve employee morale. Professionals who are certified in AWS receive digital badges when they complete their training and they can use the badges for display in their LinkedIn profiles and other social media. A perk they can get from their badges are exclusive AWS Summit events and others. Thanks to the perks of these badges, they help make you appreciate the effort you put into your AWS training. 
  • Attracts and retains talent – According to ESG research, AWS Partners gain many benefits from AWS Training and Certification. One of these benefits is that it can attract and retain cloud talent. Customers care that the professionals in their AWS Partners’ teams are AWS-certified and AWS-trained. As a result, AWS Partners tend to invest in their staff’s training and fund their AWS certifications. Due to such efforts, AWS talents are easier to retain because they see their workplaces perceive their value. 
  • Become proof of your commitment – Candidates who show up for AWS certifications fund a lot of time, effort and money to clear their exams. Therefore, an AWS certification proves the commitment of a professional to the AWS platform. 
  • Better paycheck – Another perk of AWS training is a higher salary. AWS certification can propel the salary of an AWS certified professional by almost 25.9%, as stated in the Global Knowledge survey. 

Improve Your Employability With Yellow Tail Tech

Various research and data indicate the future lies with AWS and cloud computing systems. Since AWS is one of the exceptional names in the cloud service provider domain with Azure and Google Cloud, it is always a great idea to look into the future for promising and viable career opportunities. In addition, companies can maximize and get the best from AWS certifications. 

Yellow Tail Tech was launched in 2014 and offered 7 to 12 month-programs built for serious and motivated students who want to transform their careers. We have industry-certified instructors who work for top enterprises and provide hands-on experience for real-world challenges. Thanks to our air-tight and excellent program, we have produced extraordinary results. Book a 10-minute intro call with our enrollment advisors now! 

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