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Amazon branched out into cloud computing and started offering information technology (IT) infrastructure services to businesses in 2006. By using cloud servers, companies no longer need to plan for and procure their own physical servers weeks in advance. Instead, they can instantly create hundreds of servers in minutes and deliver results faster.

You can count on Yellow Tail Tech to help you obtain your Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certification in the USA. Our instructors will prepare you so that you can contribute to an organization’s cloud computing efforts as an AWS certified solutions architect, AWS certified cloud practitioner, or other IT specialist.

Once you complete our AWS certification training, you will be able to do a variety of things, including:

  • Evaluating Your Cloud Environment’s Vulnerabilities
  • Optimizing Your Cloud Service Infrastructure for Cost and Performance
  • Using Terraform to Provision and Configure AWS Services on a Global Scale
  • Writing Code Using AWS Application Programming Interface and AWS Lambda

What Is an AWS Certification?

IT professionals acquire an AWS certification to ensure employers that their technical cloud knowledge and skills are up to date. There are four main AWS certification paths that you can take. These are:

Cloud Practitioner Path

This certification path is best for people who want to have an overall understanding of the AWS cloud. It is beneficial for those who want or have a technical, managerial, sales, purchasing, or financial role where they need to regularly use the platform.

Architect Path

For architects, solution design engineers, and anyone who wants to learn how to design applications and systems on AWS, the architect path would be best for you.

Students learn how to design, manage, and distribute applications in conjunction with AWS tools. In more complex classes, you may also be taught how to migrate applications to AWS, optimize AWS architecture for specific enterprises, and apply the best application design practices.

Developer Path

This path is designed for people who want to learn how to create cloud applications on AWS. Students must show code-level knowledge for AWS application design, development, and maintenance. In addition, you must understand the AWS architecture to receive the certification.

For more complex courses, you will be taught specific concepts involving continuous deployment and automation of AWS processes to complete the course. Your instructor will also teach you techniques for implementing the concepts you’ve been introduced to during class.

Operations Path

The operations path is for those who want to become SysOps administrators, systems administrators, and DevOps. When you enroll in a program, you will learn about the deployments and operations related to AWS architecture and services. Your lessons will include application deployment, data migration, and basic system administrator skills in security, provisioning, and systems management.

During your time as a student, you may also be taught about specific concepts that include the continuous deployment and automation of AWS processes. You will gain the knowledge needed to implement your lessons into existing AWS architectures.

What Are the Benefits of Getting an AWS Certification in the USA?

Various businesses, big and small, are transferring their applications, infrastructure, and legacy systems to the cloud. Some enterprises have even proclaimed that AWS is their preferred cloud infrastructure provider. They stated that the platform could “analyze global data faster, give [them] an integrated view into the global economy and sectors, and provide the next generation of innovative, customer-focused solutions.”

With the rise in the number of companies utilizing AWS, it is only inevitable that hiring managers also start the search for competent professionals who can help them manage their cloud infrastructure. So, secure a job for yourself by signing up for an AWS training course today.

What Jobs Can You Apply for With an AWS Certification?

Getting an AWS certification in the USA can help you open doors to many high-paying, up-and-coming careers in IT. Here’s a list of positions that you will be qualified to apply for after completing your AWS training course:

AWS Cloud Architect

People with this role are responsible for designing and developing advanced could-based solutions for organizations while communicating with engineers and clients. They can also help migrate their existing workloads and infrastructure to the AWS cloud.

SysOps Administrator

A SysOps administrator deploys, operates, and oversees systems on the AWS platform. They also create and manage virtual private clouds, uniform resource locator proxies, commercial cloud services access points, and bastion hosts.

Cloud Developer

To be able to create software applications and solutions for enterprises, cloud developers closely analyze customer needs. They also handle any coding or debugging that needs to be done.

Cloud Sales and Purchase Manager

A cloud sales and purchase manager develops a business plan covering a company’s server’s sales, revenue, and expense controls. They work closely with the management staff to negotiate profitable sales contracts.

Cloud DevOps Engineer

Those who have this role work with system operators, software developers, and the technical production team. These senior developers handle network operations and system deployments.

Cloud Key Account Manager

While driving adoption, revenue, and market penetration, key account managers are responsible for the sales management of cloud storage, server, and products. They also manage customer accounts to meet the target of previous purchase decisions.

Cloud Software Engineer

Using Python, Ruby, JavaScript, or C++, software engineers design, develop, and implement software on the AWS platform. They assess an organization’s technology infrastructure and explore options that they will be moving to the cloud.

AWS Networking Specialist

These professionals design cost-efficient, secure, and performance networks on AWS. They are knowledgeable of the AWS global infrastructure and hybrid network-connectivity options.

AWS System Integrator

An AWS system integrator explains how digitization through AWS can help clients with their business ventures. Their role is crucial since they help enhance the entire customer interaction lifecycle.

AWS Big Data Specialist

People with this role implement core AWS big data services according to basic architecture best practices. They design, build, secure, and maintain analytic solutions while using the needed tools to automate data analyses.

Network System Engineer

These experts overlook the operation of LAN/WAN-related network services. They also handle all network software and hardware upgrades as well as collaborate with other staff to resolve any information security issues.

System Support Engineer

Those who are under this role provide technical support to the users of the system. To ensure a smooth workflow, they assist engineers in fixing issues when they arise and mitigating problems that can’t be immediately resolved.

AWS Solutions Architect

An AWS solutions architect is the keeper of the AWS Well Architected Framework pillars. They help ensure that customers are following best practices and provide guidance and recommendations on developing cloud solutions that are secure, resilient, and efficient.

AWS SysOps Administrator

Responsible for providing the necessary knowledge related to cloud computing, an AWS SysOps administrator helps business and IT applications improve their service delivery. They also maintain data integrity and access control by consistently monitoring charging and cost optimization strategies.

Cloud System Engineer

Generally speaking, cloud system engineers manage an organization’s cloud-based systems and processes. They set up architectures using cloud providers like AWS and Microsoft Azure in addition to maintaining security and access of cloud-based systems.

How Do I Get an AWS Certification in the USA?

Simply book a 10-min intro call with us to get your certification. Through this 45-minute one-on-one Zoom call, our enrollment advisor will figure out your knowledge level regarding AWS before making a strategic plan to help you broaden your skills. We will also be discussing specific details, such as tuition costs, finance options, current incentives, and program details.

What Are the Courses You Can Take in an AWS Certification Training Program?

Regardless of the AWS certification path you want to take, you can be sure that Yellow Tail Tech can help you achieve your goal. We have the following courses in our program:

IT Infrastructure and Networking

Designed to show you the fundamentals that every IT professional should know, our IT Infrastructure and Networking course will cover computer software, networking, and more. It has a total of seven modules that our instructors will teach within five weeks. We will teach you various things, such as computer language, memory management, types of software, network ports, subnet masks, cloud computing, and more.

Linux System Administration

With 10 modules spanning across 12 weeks, our Linux System Administration course covers user administration, security, networking, processes, storage, and more. We will train you for your future job by exposing you to various scenarios that you may experience in a natural work environment.

AWS Cloud For Jobs 2.0 Training

Our Cloud For Jobs 2.0 Training course will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to handle enterprise-level, serverless IT infrastructures in a DevOps environment. You will go through 16 modules within 16 weeks. Our instructors will teach you DevOps methodologies, global infrastructures, Ec2 pricing, network access control lists and security groups, and more.

AWS SysOps Certification Prep

Perfect for those just starting their career in AWS Cloud engineering, our instructor for our AWS SysOps Certification Prep course teaches our students monitoring, reporting, deployment, data management, automation, and more. This course lasts for eight weeks and has eight modules to be covered. Our modules cover monitoring and reporting, deployment and provisioning, availability, storage and data management, security and compliance, networking, automation, and feedback, review, and labs.

Python Automation

Since IT companies are now using event-driven automation to replace recurrent tasks, our Python Automation course helps train students to understand python coding to create workflow automation. It only has two parts that our instructors teach within eight weeks. We will be teaching you Python programming basics in addition to automating tasks using Python in AWS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Deciding to be an AWS certified solutions architect or an AWS certified cloud practitioner isn’t an easy feat, which is why we took it upon ourselves to compile people’s frequently asked questions about AWS certification in the USA.

Who Can Get an AWS Certification in the USA?

Whether you are a college graduate or not, you are more than welcome to enroll in Yellow Tail Tech’s AWS certification classes. Our comprehensive programs do not require any prerequisites since they were specifically made for individuals who are new to the IT industry.

Can You Take AWS Certification Training From Your Home?

Yellow Tail Tech’s courses are only available virtually. Although our instructors are only available online for our classes, you can be sure that we are committed to creating an environment that fosters active engagement.

How much does AWS Certification in the USA Cost?

Your total costs depend on a variety of factors. Our team at Yellow Tail Tech encourages you to schedule a career strategy session to discuss your tuition costs and finance options, as well as the current incentives we offer.

Do AWS Certifications Expire?

Although AWS certifications don’t necessarily expire, they do lose their credibility after a few years. It is recommended that you get recertified within three years to ensure your employer that all your skills, knowledge, and best practices are up to date.

Is An AWS Certification Enough to Get You A Job?

Although an AWS certification gives you an edge compared to other applicants who don’t have one, this document alone will not get you a job. Several other factors play a part in kick-starting your career. These include job experience, proper mentoring, and a group of like-minded people whom you can turn to.

Proper mentoring is also vital. You need to have someone who can help you go over how your interviews went to help you see where you could improve your responses. Lastly, having a network of people in the IT industry whom you can turn to for advice can help you in the long run.


Enrolling in an AWS certification training in the USA can help you open various doors in the IT industry once you’ve received your certification. With the new skills and knowledge you’ve gained, you can now apply to job postings for AWS cloud architect, SysOps administrator, AWS big data specialist, cloud key account manager, and more.

Yellow Tail Tech can help you land your first ever high-paying job in the IT industry. We are an EdTech company that offers programs spanning from six to nine months to help prepare you for the challenges you may experience in the real world.

Committed to sharing their knowledge as well as their tips and tricks in the industry, our industry-certified instructors have worked for different top enterprises. For additional information about how we can help you, Book a 10-minute intro call with our Enrollment Advisor today.

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