Juneteenth & the Future of Tech: A Look at Diversity & Inclusion Efforts

Juneteenth & the Future of Tech: A Look at Diversity & Inclusion Efforts

In the U.S., tech company teams only hire 7.4% African Americans; in the U.K., ethnic minorities fill just about 13% of the significant roles in the industry. Juneteenth isn’t just a day off; it’s a real nudge for the future of tech to look at these gaps. The day shines a light on the crucial […]

Celebrating Fatherhood in Tech: Insights from a Dad in the Linux and Cloud Industry

Celebrating Fatherhood in Tech: Insights from a Dad in the Linux and Cloud Industry

June is the month when we celebrate dads who juggle work and family. Many of these dads work in the tech industry. They solve daily problems in Linux and cloud computing while still being dedicated parents. This article tells the story of one such dad—Yellow Tail Tech’s Infrastructure Director, Thierry Louis. We’ll share his path […]

Kubernetes in 2024: What’s New and What’s Next?

Imagine running a business with thousands of workers coordinating perfectly without constant supervision. You can see this happening for the Kubernetes. With over 70% of Fortune 100 companies using it, Kubernetes is making modern cloud computing a breeze, according to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Kubernetes is fast with its updates. It hasn’t been a […]

Tech Trends Beyond Borders: International Collaboration in Cloud Innovation

Tech Trends Beyond Border International Collaboration in Cloud Innovation

Technology has made many things possible. Great minds no longer have to be in the same room to work their magic together. That’s the beauty of the cloud. Read on to learn more about international collaboration in cloud innovation, its future, and the tech trends. We’ll discuss global trends in cloud tech, the key players, […]

AI as a Service: Smart Cloud Services Powered by Machine Learning

Imagine a world where all the AI tools you could ever need are accessible from one spot and for less than it would cost to use them separately. That’s no longer a dream—it’s already here!  Artificial Intelligence as a Service, or AIaaS, is breaking into the market fast. This set of smart tools available through […]

Shaping Success in Tech: The Impact of Yellow Tail Tech’s Teachers

Without teachers, we wouldn’t have doctors, lawyers, programmers, and other professionals. The world wouldn’t progress without them. It is fitting, then, that we set aside the month of May to honor these heroes. In this article, we share how we roll at Yellow Tail Tech. Teachers here do more than just teach; they guide, inspire, […]

Pioneers of Progress: Asian & Pacific American Innovators in Tech


Did you know many Asian and Pacific American innovators are in the tech business? Their efforts have been influential in pushing technology forward. May is Asian & Pacific American Heritage Month, a time to honor the rich diversity and achievements of Asian and Pacific American communities.  This article celebrates these pioneers. We highlight their contributions […]

The Imposter Syndrome Among Us: How to Support Colleagues Struggling with Self-Doubt

Imposter syndrome affects many, causing individuals to doubt their achievements and fear someone will expose them as frauds. It’s especially prevalent in tech and education, where rapid learning and constant innovation are norms.  At Yellow Tail Tech, we recognize the importance of addressing these feelings. This article explores practical strategies to support colleagues grappling with […]

The Gender Gap in Tech: Analyzing the Current State and Future Directions

Gender Gap in Tech

The gender gap in the tech industry starkly contrasts its forward-thinking reputation in today’s rapidly evolving world. Technology fuels innovation and economic growth, but the lack of women in this sector reveals a clear gap in opportunity and equality. Despite making up half the global workforce, women remain underrepresented in tech roles, affecting individual careers […]

Diversity in Tech Leadership: A Path to More Inclusive Decision-Making

tech leadership

In the tech world, making leadership more diverse is beginning to get the attention it deserves. This change means industry players are working towards addressing the issue of not having enough women and people from minority groups in top tech jobs. Even though fewer women are enrolling in computer science these days, and hiring and […]

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