Beyond the Layoffs: Seizing GovTech Opportunities in Uncertain Times

govtech opportunities

As the calendar turns, the tech industry faces a wave of layoffs again, casting a shadow of déjà vu over professionals in the sector. Companies across the board, from Amazon and Grammarly to smaller tech firms, are tightening their belts, signaling a continuation of the unsettling trend we’ve seen in recent years​​. However, amidst this uncertainty, […]

Love in the Cloud: Securing Your Heartbeat with Linux

linux:love in the cloud

Cloud-based dating applications weave a vivid thread through the tapestry of modern love, uniting hearts worldwide with a simple swipe or click. As digital cupids, these platforms powered by linux, have transformed how we seek companionship, making love connections more accessible.  With Valentine’s Day approaching, the rise in online dating activity transforms these applications into […]

Cloud Innovators: The Legacy of Black Pioneers in Shaping the Digital Future

Cloud Innovators

In celebration of Black History Month, we turn our focus to the transformative contributions of Black pioneers in the field of technology, particularly within the sphere of cloud computing. This period offers a reflective lens on the legacy and ongoing influence of cloud innovators who have been instrumental in advancing technology.  Building on last year’s […]

Redefining Resilience: Rae-Ann’s Journey from Layoff to Tech Triumph

Switching careers can be overwhelming, especially when life throws unexpected curveballs. For Rae-Ann Covington, this meant facing job loss during the pandemic, a challenge many have encountered. But Rae-Ann didn’t let this setback define her. Instead, she saw it as a golden opportunity to pivot her career path in the tech industry. Her story goes beyond […]

Connected In The Cloud: The Unseen Bonds Of Yellow Tail Tech’s Virtual Team

In the digital era, the concept of a ‘team’ has moved beyond traditional office spaces. The U.S. saw remote workers triple to over 27 million between 2019 and 2021, with a 2023 Buffer survey indicating that 98% of respondents favored some remote work in their careers. At Yellow Tail Tech, we embrace this shift enthusiastically. […]

Tech Talent on the Move: 2023 Trends and 2024 Projections in the Tech Job Market

In 2023, the tech job market was a whirlwind of change driven by remote work, the Great Resignation, and economic fluctuations. This article unpacks these shifts, addressing your concerns about job stability, career growth, and the evolving landscape of tech employment.  Drawing from Stack Overflow, TechCrunch, and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, we’ll spotlight […]

New Year, New Tech Career: The 2024 Guide to Your Transition into Technology

As 2024 unfolds, the tech industry remains a vibrant field of opportunity despite recent layoffs at big tech firms. These shifts have led many skilled professionals to explore new technological horizons, which promise innovation, growth, and personal fulfillment.  This year is particularly crucial for those seeking to transition into tech careers as the landscape evolves […]

Gratitude Bytes: Voices of Thanks from the Yellow Tail Tech Community

In a world where people view professional and personal development through the lens of achievement and competition, gratitude stands out as a transformative force. At Yellow Tail Tech, a diverse community of students, alumni, and staff have discovered that gratitude isn’t just a feeling but a driving factor in their growth and success.  In this […]

Shifting Gears: Top 4 Goals for Smoothly Transitioning into an IT Career in the Coming Year

The information technology (IT) sector is a dynamic landscape with opportunities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, IT occupations are projected to grow significantly from 2022 to 2032, with about 377,500 expected annual job openings. This growth is faster than the average for all occupations due to technological advances and the need to replace […]

Navigating Stability: Uncovering the Resilience of GovTech Careers in 2024

Traditionally, government jobs in the tech industry have been regarded with respect and skepticism. While seen as stable, they often lacked the dynamic allure of Silicon Valley’s startup culture. However, in today’s uncertain economic climate, this perspective is shifting. Programs like “Linux for Jobs” and “Cloud for Jobs 2.0” offered by Yellow Tail Tech are […]