Navigating the Linux Career Space: Going Beyond Systems Administration

Every professional in the tech and IT spaces will attest to how different it is from the casual, everyday use of computers. More importantly, a particular skill will pop up across various specializations in these industries: a working knowledge of the Linux operating systems. While Linux is commonly associated with cybersecurity and systems administration, other […]

Exploring the Growth of Startups: From Product-Market Fit to Scaling

In 2023, the tech industry faced massive layoffs, with over 200,000 workers losing their jobs in the first half alone. However, these job cuts have spurred a new generation of startups. Seasoned experts are starting their own businesses or joining smaller corporations in response to the tech layoffs.  A staggering 63% of surveyed tech workers […]

Segmenting the Tech Layoff Market: Enterprise, Mid-Market, Government, and Startups

Companies and professionals alike continue to monitor the ongoing layoffs. As of August 2023, online tracker has logged over 226,000 employees laid off across 943 companies—and the numbers keep rising. While not surprising to those who have weathered the dot-com crash and the Great Recession, this cyclical crash continues to affect all levels of […]

Tech Layoffs Beyond the Technical Industry: Expanding Perspectives

Technological advancements have enabled modern living and its conveniences, impacting various sectors such as energy, transportation, finance, healthcare, and commerce, all of which rely heavily on electronics and IT infrastructure. When the tech layoffs went into full swing in 2022, the entire world was watching as Big Tech companies and startups had to lay off […]

Breaking News vs. Reality: Unveiling the Truth Behind Tech Layoff Headlines

Tech giants have sparked a wave of innovation and significant economic growth in the digital era. However, recent headlines hint at a troubling trend beneath the glossy surface: a surge in tech layoffs. An online tracker recording the number of people laid off by tech companies in various states and countries reveals an alarming statistic. […]

Putting Tech Layoffs in Context: Startups and the Need for Agile Workforces

While the global coronavirus pandemic seems to have died down, it continues to affect daily life. It has taken jobs as fast as it has created them, leading to the persisting tech layoff season. What caused the tech sector job cuts was that the Big Tech companies set the tone. These supposedly immutable entities have […]

Dissecting Tech Layoffs: Understanding the Causes and Implications

The tech industry witnessed a substantial surge of layoffs in 2023, impacting 219,962 individuals as of the latest report. Widespread layoffs have left career changers in the tech industry anxious about their dwindling opportunities to transition into new roles. But should these numbers be a cause for alarm?  This article delves into the reasons […]

Krysten and Roxanne: Sisterhood and Success

“Everybody has a different perspective and a different style of learning, but when you guys come together, you know it really makes a difference in how well you can do it and how far you’ll go in it.” Krysten Gennuso Support and collaboration are important in any career. Krysten Gennuso and Roxanne Martinez’s sisterly relationship […]

Staying Ahead of the Curve: How Our Instructors Keep Up with New Technology Trends

With the world moving rapidly, businesses face challenges from the ever-evolving technology that shapes the competitive landscape. As technology advances at an unprecedented rate, staying up-to-date is essential for career growth and success. By imparting the latest knowledge and insights, instructors play a crucial role in preparing learners to become job ready and join businesses […]

Taking Control of Your Career: Using Certifications to Increase Your Market Value

Global Knowledge reported that qualified IT workers earn at least 12% more than their non-certified colleagues. CompTIA reports that 96% of HR managers consider IT certifications when screening or hiring candidates. These results further demonstrate the value and benefits of professional qualifications.  Learning and advancing in your field is crucial in today’s work environment. Certifications […]