Learn AWS Technical Essentials in One Day with Yellow Tail Tech’s Course

As a part of the partnership between Yellow Tail Tech and Amazon Web Services (AWS), we proudly present our AWS Technical Essentials course. By giving you a streamlined and comprehensive course on what AWS is all about, you can easily get up to speed. The AWS Technical Essentials course introduces learners to the basic services […]

What Are The Specializations Of AWS Training? A Guide

More and more companies are looking to shift their workload to cloud services. AWS provides easy access to all files, applications, and dashboards, which makes it a valuable asset for tech companies. As of 2022, AWS has paved the way for widespread cloud adoption for many companies and startups. According to Gartner, AWS was recognized […]

Alarming Yet Inevitable: Understanding the Job Loss Trend in Tech

The tech industry has taken a massive blow to its workforce in the wake of a global pandemic and a series of international conflicts. From streamlining redundancies to folding in the current market situation, this unemployment wave affects all levels of the industry. In fact, a recent study on global tech layoffs revealed 127,000 employees […]

5 Ways To Make Your CV Better

Your CV is a professional document that summarizes your professional experience and skill set. It is longer than a typical resume, outlining your educational credentials and experiences with your other professional achievements in detail, in contrast to your resume.  What are the ways you can make your CV better? Here are some ways to help […]

4 Key Responsibilities Of A Database Administrator

One of the most crucial people in IT for your business is a database administrator. Their abilities and responsibilities can impact the profitability of your business.  First things first, however: what is a database administrator? What Is A Database Administrator? A database administrator is responsible for directing and performing all activities related to maintaining a […]

Working from Home With Kids: Insights From Remote-Working Parents

The pandemic introduced us all to the work-from-home setup. Post-pandemic, many of us still work remotely. A Buffer study says many working parents decided to work remotely because of their desire to be present for their children.  Despite the challenges of working from home with kids, these parents are making it work! Are you wondering […]

Breaking Barriers: The Stories of The Women Behind Yellow Tail Tech

Behind every great tech company are even greater women. At Yellow Tail Tech, we’re lucky to have a team of talented women who are changing the game. As we celebrate Women’s Month, we’re excited to share their stories and inspire the next generation of female leaders in tech. Let’s get some wonderful insights from Paloma […]

From AWS to Cloud For Jobs 2.0: New Name, Same Commitment to Cloud Industry Success

Exciting news for students pursuing careers in the cloud industry! Cloud For Jobs 2.0, a program that Yellow Tech Tail designed to help students land jobs in the cloud industry, is now “Cloud For Jobs 2.0.”  The change of name from AWS to Cloud better reflects the program’s commitment to providing students with the skills […]

How To Study For An IT Career

When transitioning from one career to another, there are many paths available in the IT industry. You can sharpen your skills, and gain relevant experience for the job you want. It applies to any position, at any skill level you have. Remember that you are changing careers, so it is important to study what you […]