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DevOps Training

DevOps Training

DevOps Training Overview

Within the current dynamic technology environment, there is an increasing need for experts knowledgeable in DevOps methodologies. Within the software development lifecycle, DevOps training gives people the abilities and information needed to close the gap between development and operations teams. It functions as a kind of road map for aspiring DevOps professionals, who are in great demand in today’s computer industry.

Who Should Join?

A wide spectrum of workers, such as project managers, system administrators, software developers, and IT operations staff, can benefit from DevOps training. DevOps Training provides insightful knowledge and useful skills for everyone interested in starting a career in technology, regardless of experience level.

Award-Winning Training You Can Trust

At Yellow Tail Tech, we take pride in delivering award-winning DevOps Training that you can trust. Our comprehensive courses are designed and curated by industry experts with years of hands-on experience. By choosing Yellow Tail Tech, you’re investing in top-notch education from a reputable institution committed to your success.

Everything You Need to Know

Our DevOps course delves into a comprehensive range of tools and methodologies, empowering you to:

  • Learn how to use Git and other tools effectively to manage code and facilitate smooth developer collaboration.
  • Understand the automated techniques used to optimize the pipeline for software delivery, guaranteeing dependable and frequent deployments.
  • Gain consistency, repeatability, and fewer manual setup errors by learning how to manage and provision infrastructure using code.
  • Learn how to automate maintenance and configuration activities for your infrastructure with tools like Ansible or Chef.
  • Gain expertise with AWS, Azure, or GCP to create scalable and effective deployments that correspond with the increasing use of cloud-based solutions.

Benefits of DevOps Training

Enrolling in DevOps Training offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Accelerated Learning: DevOps courses offer a planned learning route that enables you to quickly get the required skills.
  • Practical Experience: Engaging laboratories and real-world projects help you to grasp concepts and provide you the kind of skills that employers greatly value in candidates.
  • Career Advancement: Having DevOps experience is a great advantage that can help you land a variety of IT-related jobs, such as release manager, site reliability engineer (SRE), and devops engineer.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Collaborative learning environments are a common feature of DevOps courses. They help you get ready to fit in with DevOps teams and facilitate efficient communication between development and operations.

What Makes Our DevOps Training Different?

DevOps Training from Yellow Tail Tech is unique for a number of strong reasons. Our courses emphasize experiential learning through the use of real-world projects and practical labs. This method promotes a deeper comprehension of DevOps principles by allowing you to apply theoretical concepts in real-world contexts in addition to helping you learn them. Additionally, throughout your learning process, our instructors offer individualized advice and support. Furthermore, we take great satisfaction in providing industry-relevant knowledge that is updated often to reflect the newest developments and best practices in the dynamic field of DevOps. This dedication to staying updated guarantees that you get the most recent training possible.

DevOps Training Exam Preparation

Yellow Tail Tech provides a thorough DevOps Training Exam Preparation program aimed at providing students with the abilities and information required to pass the Red Hat Certified System Admin (RHCSA) and AWS SysOps Certification examinations. For prospective cloud workers who wish to certify their proficiency with Linux system administration and AWS, this intensive exam preparation is perfect. In-depth instruction and practical practice are provided by our instructors, who are highly experienced professionals with AWS certifications, to guarantee that applicants are ready for both certification exams.

Take Charge of Your DevOps Career

Are you ready to start on your DevOps journey? Yellow Tail Tech has the resources and expertise to guide you every step of the way. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your skills and propel your career forward with DevOps Training from Yellow Tail Tech. Book a 10-minute intro Call now!

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