Fast Tracks VS Shortcuts

Shortcuts end up being more expensive because most people try to take the path of least resistance first.

Hello, my name is Jubee, Co-Founder at Yellow Tail Tech, where we help people with no IT background get their first high-paying IT job. So today, I want to talk about the difference between a fast track and a shortcut. First, let me explain what I understand as the difference between a fast track and a shortcut. To me, a fast track is a well-organized process with clear goals, clear milestones, and deadlines, which can swiftly get you from where you are now to the intended destination. As opposed to a shortcut, which is a quicker way, sometimes, to the intended destination, but lacks the structure.

But here’s the problem with shortcuts. It may be counterintuitive, but most of the time, shortcuts end up being more expensive because most people try to take the path of least resistance first, which is trying to do it alone. Meaning, doing some self-study here and there, but the lack of external accountability and support plays against them, which ends up being a waste of time. Or having a friend teach them, I hear that a lot, by the way. That friend ends up not having the time or the resources necessary to actually help them, which is a waste of time, again. Or not having clear goals, which means not working within a clear framework. So what I’m trying to say is that taking a shortcut may come with a lot of opportunity cost because either you know what you’re doing and you’re working towards a clear goal, or you are dabbling around trying to figure things out, and it could be a lot of wasted time.

So think about it this way. You can either spend six months in a streamlined, well-designed program with clear expected outcomes, which is the fast track. Or you can try to take the shortcut and spend two to three years dabbling around looking for information here and there. Either way, your choice. Here at Yellow Tail Tech, though, we don’t believe in shortcuts, but if you are ready to get on the fast track for a new career in IT, check us out at See what we’re about, look around, if it looks like a good fit, schedule a career strategy session with our team, and let’s talk about it. And of course, if you got any value out of this, like, share, subscribe, and stay tuned for other videos like this one.

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