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Land the Highest Paying IT Jobs Without a Degree in the USA

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Information Technology is one of the fastest-growing careers you can take on today. No matter what industry, business owners need to hire at least one IT personnel or a team of IT engineers, officers, and analysts, depending on the size of operations. This is because most, if not all, industries nowadays rely on technology to disperse information to their employees, conduct business online, and store their data properly.

With this, information technology jobs are definitely in demand, and many people are fighting tooth and nail to land one. Even people without IT-related degrees are aiming for the highest-paying entry-level positions in the field.

The question is, is it really possible to get the highest-paying IT jobs in the USA without a degree or experience? Well, the short answer is yes. However, it will always involve effort and willingness to study and try new things.

There are excellent educational institutions like Yellow Tail Tech that offer various IT courses you can enroll in. Our programs feature interactions with live instructors weekly, a dynamic learning management system, and direct attention to keep you interested and eager to learn. Schedule a career strategy session today so we can help you plot the roadmap to your success.

Why Jobs Don’t Require Degrees or Experience Anymore

Before, it would be impossible for people to get hired if they did not have a diploma or degree in the field they were applying for. However, times have changed, and employers now value skills, work experience, and short training courses over a bachelor’s degree.

According to them, most of the hard skills they require are possessed by applicants with experience in the field since they have done several related tasks to the job firsthand. Meanwhile, soft skills are often seen in those with college degrees, which are not the most important qualifications they look for when screening candidates. In the real world, hard skills are more valued than soft skills since intrapersonal skills, communication skills, and others can be improved and developed while doing the job already.

In the end, it is undeniable that degrees put a head start on some applicants, but it wouldn’t be enough to surpass those with job experience backed with short training courses.

How to Land High-Paying Jobs Without a Degree or Experience

Numerous jobs don’t require a degree or experience. You just have to enroll in reliable educational institutions like Yellow Tail Tech to help you jumpstart your career.

If you aspire to land the highest-paying IT jobs without a degree in the USA, here are some tips you can follow:

Find the Right Field

If you don’t have a degree or experience and are looking for high-paying jobs, it is best to be realistic. Of course, you can’t apply for professions like doctors or lawyers because those jobs require having a license to practice and higher education. You must find the right field and start from there.

For starters, the IT industry offers many career opportunities where a diploma is not essential. Often, employers hire those with hard skills and training related to information technology, like expertise in navigating the Linux operating system.

Here at Yellow Tail Tech, you can take our Lnx For Jobs program, in which you can learn all the foundational networking and knowledge required to start an IT job related to using the Linux OS.

Get Secondary Education or Training

Although degrees are not required in some jobs, it is still good to have some sort of backup secondary education or training. This just shows that you are willing to learn about the job, and you are open to educational opportunities that might come your way.

Additionally, even a short course training can be a big stepping stone when building your career path. These training sessions can teach you more topics related to your future job and develop your interest in learning about the other aspects of your field. Later on, if it interests you that much, you can venture into the topics you learned from that program and further study them thoroughly by enrolling in related courses.

This will snowball your knowledge about the field and strengthen your overall foundation.

Craft a Top-Notch Resume

Your resume is your entry ticket to a job opportunity. Make sure that it is complete and thorough, meaning your hard skills must be highlighted and your training certificates should be present.

While drafting your resume, find the main reasons employers hire someone for that specific job position. If it is because of a certain experience or skill, and you possess it, anchor on that and let it be your opening statement. This will escalate your application process since you know what to discuss and what’s important to the company.

Expand Your Network

More than training and building experience, it is vital to expand your network and know people in the same field. Attending networking events, online webinars, or simply hanging out with colleagues can help you.

Remember that your network or mentors can be bridges to several job opportunities in the future. Simply connecting with them on social media platforms like LinkedIn can start your professional relationship or mentorship. Before you know it, you are working with them already or bumping into them during conferences and social events related to your job.

Learn the Art of Negotiation 

In every job application, there will always be a negotiation. Whether it’s your salary, your work setup, or your working hours, it is best to master how you can get a deal that will benefit you. Start by listing down the things that are non-negotiable to you and communicate them clearly to your interviewer. Afterward, you can compensate by relaying the things you can adjust on, so they can also express what they want from you.

What Are the Highest-Paying IT Jobs You Can Get Without a Degree in the USA?

Surprisingly, there’s a whole list of high-paying jobs in the IT industry that you can land without a degree or experience. Take your pick and see if the job fits your skills and experience:

Computer Support Specialist 

The job of a computer support specialist revolves around helping with troubleshooting computers and monitoring networks. In an office setup, several employees rely on them when they encounter computer issues or when new hardware or software should be installed. In some cases, employers require their computer support specialists to have knowledge of coding languages or operating systems.

IT Manager

IT managers are tasked to oversee the whole IT operations of the business. You can land this highest-paying IT job without a degree in the USA after being in the field for at least five years. Meaning, you will not need a degree. However, you may have to build your hard skills first to get into this position.

Network System Engineer

As a network system engineer, you are greatly involved in operating LAN/WAN-related network services. You are tasked to upgrade and maintain the software and hardware of the network. Furthermore, you are expected to keep detailed documentation of the network infrastructure.

Web Developer

You don’t need to have a degree to be a web developer. Educational institutions like Yellow Tail Tech can train you to manage web servers, which is one of the tasks of web developers. If you land this job, you may also be tasked to design websites, code, and maintain databases.

Software Architect

As a software architect, you are expected to routinely collaborate with business leaders, engineers, and developers to ensure that your software is simple enough to be understood by non-tech users. This also includes overseeing the codes and making sure the project is moving on time.

Computer Software Engineer

If your strength is developing solutions for organizational functionality, then this position fits you best. Software engineers use flowcharts, layouts, instructions, and coding to document the software they are designing.

Cybersecurity Specialist

Many cybersecurity professionals don’t have a degree simply because the trade can be learned through short training courses. This job requires skills in detecting vulnerabilities or potential threats to a company’s data. Additionally, they are tasked to build firewalls and other network infrastructures for data protection.

System Administrator

As a system administrator, you are expected to keep the computer systems functioning according to the organization’s request. This may include checking the uptime of computers, servers, and the internet. In some cases, you will be asked to perform regular security tests, troubleshooting, and managing systems like Windows, Linux, or Mac.

DevOps Engineer

A DevOps engineer collaborates across an organization to create a structured network environment. If you want to land this job, you should have a wide knowledge of development and operations, as well as coding, infrastructure management, system administrations, and DevOps toolchains. Despite the complications of this job, it still doesn’t require a degree. A certification from reliable educational institutions like Yellow Tail Tech is enough for you to qualify for this position.

Junior Data Analyst

The junior data analyst position is one of the highest-paying entry-level jobs in the IT industry. Your main role is to give assistance to your supervisors. Therefore, upper-level analysts can instruct you to retrieve, clean, and organize data. You should also at least understand one programming language to be able to perform data entry activities for the organization.

Allow Yellow Tail Tech to Help You Get the Highest Paying IT Jobs Without a Degree in the USA

Several IT job positions are waiting for you even though you do not have any degree related to information technology. However, not everything can be handed to you easily.

At the very least, you must acquire certifications and enroll in short training courses like the ones offered by Yellow Tail Tech to qualify for the said positions. Check out these programs:

Lnx For Jobs Program

Linux is a widely-known open-source operating system used by IT professionals, and many companies prefer it to run their servers in because it is highly customizable and optimizable. Employers are hiring more and more Linux professionals, so the job is now in demand.

At Yellow Tail Tech, you can master the Linux OS in as fast as six months. We offer three courses; IT Infrastructure and Networking, Lnx For Jobs, and Red Hat Certified System Administrator Prep. All of these are paced slower than in an average IT institution, so our students can have time to get hands-on experience on monitoring and supporting On-Prem and environments running Red Hat Linux.

Cloud For Jobs 2.0 Program

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is leading when it comes to cloud computing platforms. It is largely used by companies and has about a third of the market at 32.4%. This cloud platform is used to provide servers, storage, networking, remote computing, and more.

If you want to master the AWS platform, turn to none other than Yellow Tail Tech. We can help you become AWS DevOps Engineer in just nine months through our intense five-course training. After finishing the internship, you will be able to design automatable and repeatable deployments of different applications, networks, and systems inside the AWS platform.


More and more employers are becoming open to hiring individuals who do not have a degree, especially in the IT industry. With the right training, passion, and effort, those who are determined to start their IT careers have the opportunity to do so.

If you plan to land the highest-paying IT jobs without a degree in the USA, simply reach out to reputable IT learning institutions like Yellow Tail Tech. Book a 10-minute intro call with our Enrollment Advisor today to learn more about how we can help you.

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