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How Jubee got into Tech

How Jubee got into Tech

I went to school for management information system so basically the idea was I was trying to figure out what to get in. A friend of mine told me you have both interests. You have an interest in technology and in business. There’s this cool program at the University of Maryland that combines the two. That’s the first time I heard about MIS. I’m like, “Yeah, that’s exactly what I want to do,” so I went to school for management information systems. The whole idea, the whole time was to actually be in the business of technology. Not only delivering, helping deliver it, but be in the business of technology. Yeah, it’s been 15 years.

After I graduated, I realized that I had very, very little specific skills to actually go sell to the market. Then I was looking around. Luckily, I found a mentor. He taught me about Linux so I spent all that time in school and money and no one ever told me the sheer amount of opportunities there is in Linux in general. He trained me in Linux.

A few months after that, I had a market value north of $90,000 and we’re talking about 15 years ago. I’m like, “Man, this is mind-blowing.” I remember I thanked him. I’m like, “Thank you. Thank you for this. I will take this program, whatever you offer me, I will make it 10 times better and I will always make sure I thank you for it.”

That’s what I did. I did a bit of work in the corporate world and then when it was time, I’m like, “I’m going to build a program.” But I’m going to do it, I’m going to focus on people with absolutely no IT background. People with the high-performance habit necessary to actually do the work but with absolutely no IT background, because this is where I saw the need, the niche, and the gap and offering. Focus on people with absolutely no IT background and helping them switch over so that’s what I did. We started building the idea seven years ago, six years ago. We started full-blown and yeah, we’ve been doing that since then.

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