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Making Career Change to IT: Things To Consider Before Taking the Big Leap



Are you changing your career? You might think it’s daunting, considering that you’re taking a big step towards a different path. While this move could be scary or overwhelming, switching to a new career could mean a new beginning. This is especially true when you have found new career goals or discovered new interests that you want to incorporate into your job.

According to the 2021 Joblist survey, 77% of the respondents were reported to be happier after making the big step to a career change. The respondents also earned an additional $10,800 annually compared to their previous job posts.

One of the ideal sectors you can move to is the information technology (IT) industry. If you’re someone who loves working with different pieces of computer hardware and software, there’s a great chance of you landing an IT job that matches your skills. Besides, there are plenty of IT career opportunities out there.

However, if you’re still not confident enough to make an IT career change, you can enhance your skills by taking online IT classes. Book a 10-minute intro call now with Yellow Tail Tech! Our wide selection of IT courses can help guide you in different areas of information technology you can pursue. These include IT infrastructure and networking, Lnx For Jobs, cloud computing, and many more.

Why Do People Want To Have an IT Career Change? 

Many people opt to shift careers in IT for a variety of reasons, including:

Quick Employment 

The demand of companies for IT professionals is high, and this won’t end anytime soon. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that hiring in the computer and information technology fields has a faster-projected growth between 2020 and 2030. They also noted that this demand stems from companies’ more significant emphasis on information security, cloud computing, and ample data storage.

Variety of Career Options 

The information technology industry is not isolated since it overlaps with every other sector, making it a versatile career opportunity. Whether healthcare, agriculture, or banking and finance, digital transformation drives change in all business areas, allowing IT professionals to choose a career aligned with their interests.

In addition, according to the 2018 Gartner Hype Cycle, there would be at least 30 new emerging fields in IT that will see a full-scale application in the next 5 to 10 years. This can lead to future tech professionals taking various career paths and driving global innovation forward.

Easy Career Growth 

The more technology evolves, the more IT professionals must improve to keep up. Aside from being a job requirement, this constant pursuit of knowledge will allow them to grow their careers faster and easier than in other sectors.

High Salary 

IT professionals are well-known for their unique skill sets, making them valuable assets in any type of business. This is why it is considerably higher than the average norm when it comes to their financial compensation for their work.

For instance, based on the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report in September 2021, the stated median salary for web developers and digital designers with a bachelor’s degree is $77,200. On the other hand, computer and information research scientists with master’s degrees hold the highest median pay in 2020 at around $126,830.

Reasonable Education 

Making an IT career change requires you to have a unique set of skills. To qualify for a job position, you must demonstrate the right amount of technical expertise and provide proof of education and work experience. However, if you don’t have a 4-year university degree in information technology, one way to get into the IT field is to attend certification training programs.

These programs are faster and far less expensive than a full degree in Information Technology. That’s why if you desire to start a career in this industry, you can start with this one. Another thing to do is consult experts for a free career evaluation to identify your strengths and weaknesses before selecting a course.

At Yellow Tail Tech, our team of experts can help you choose a career path and get you started on the training program of your interest to help achieve your goals. Book a 10-minute intro call now so we can assist you.

Is Starting a Career in IT at 30 Too Late? 

Starting a career at 30 years old might not be the traditional route for most workers, but this stage of life can allow you to choose between many rewarding careers. You can choose from hundreds of great occupations in information technology, and learning about these options can aid you in your transition to a new profession.

There are practical reasons why starting an IT career at 30 can benefit you, such as:

Gaining Transferable Skills 

At the age of 30, you might have probably worked in several professions before deciding to switch career paths. While you may not know it, you have already learned essential transferable skills, such as computer troubleshooting, leadership and management, and many more.

In addition, you’re likely to know what exactly you want from a profession. This could be in the form of a more lucrative salary, a higher job position, or the chance to work in a healthy environment.

Having Time for Career Development 

You may think that establishing a career at 30 is too late. However, that is not the case. When you start a new profession at this age, you still have several decades until you reach the average retirement age of 62. Because of this, you still have plenty of time to climb the success ladder progressively.

What Are the Things To Consider Before Choosing To Have a Tech Career Change? 

Changing careers is a difficult task. Making the proper decision requires serious consideration, so you must prepare yourself for this new transition before embarking on a new career path.


Creating an emergency fund for your career transition may be an old concept, but it must be taken seriously. Being financially prepared is critical, especially when planning to leave your current profession for something new.

One tip for this is to conduct a financial reality check for your monthly expenses. Keeping track of where your money is going can help you save for a career switch.


It is beneficial to evaluate your hobbies, talents, and work values. Understanding these factors might assist you in identifying various job options. This may be accomplished by reviewing previous successful roles and works. You may also get professional advice from a career counselor or use online employment tools to determine which sector you excel in.

Skills and Experience 

If you want to get recruited for a new job, you must have the essential skills and experience. However, if this is the first time you’re making a tech career change, you may have to improve your abilities first by enrolling in IT programs. Several online institutions offer IT courses for beginners, so take advantage of them if you have the time.

How To Gain IT Background Before IT Career Switch? 

You may think that you need to have an educational background and job experience to get hired in an IT position. That’s not always the case, though. In fact, a Forbes article even indicated that most IT careers do not require a four-year degree.

One thing you can do to obtain an IT background is to learn coding languages. Many online tutorials can teach you about programming and other basic IT concepts. However, if you want to learn from a professional, you may sign up for online classes.

How Do You Land the Best IT Job With No Experience? 

There are many things you can do to compensate for your lack of IT experience:

1. Reframe your work experience to be more relevant to your desired career position.

2. Emphasize your soft skills, which are necessary for doing the job properly.

3. Take on an entry-level position or internship and work your way up from there.

4. Consult specialists and seek their opinion on your job change.

5. Expand your network by making connections with IT professionals.

What IT Jobs Can You Apply for Without Technical Background? 

IT Assistant 

An IT assistant’s primary task is to ensure that the company’s computer network is up to date and running properly. Their main roles and responsibilities include network installation and configuration, IT troubleshooting, hardware maintenance and repair, and setting up peripherals.

Web Developer 

A successful web developer can interpret designs and implement them depending on the designer’s specifications. This profession requires you to write the code for websites and online apps and deal with a variety of programming languages, such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Python, and others.

Data Analyst 

Are you familiar with the data mining and segmentation processes? What about databases and programming languages such as JavaScript and XML? If you are well-versed with the concepts, you may work as a data analyst. This job entails gathering data and information using surveys, analytics, and other means so you can analyze and present them in a user-friendly format.

Digital Analyst 

A digital analyst’s primary tasks and responsibilities are to collect, analyze, and evaluate digital marketing data to establish key performance indicators and assess the effectiveness of these approaches. Basic HTML and CSS expertise and knowledge of Google Analytics and other customer research tools are essential for this position.

Digital Project Manager or Web Project Manager 

If you have excellent interpersonal and organizational skills, you should consider getting a job as a digital or web project manager. A project manager must keep web development and other tech-related teams on track. This involves working with web designers, web developers, and other stakeholders to coordinate their efforts.

Web Designer 

Being a web designer includes assisting with the format of weekly newsletters, preparing components for presentations and projects, and designing smaller sites. Although it is not required, having a basic understanding of HTML and CSS may help you get into this position.

Why Make a Mid-Career IT Transition With Yellowtail Tech? 

YellowTail Tech is an EdTech company that provides training for dedicated students who want to thrive in the IT field. Since its establishment in 2014, our organization has assisted hundreds of IT students in jump-starting and transforming their careers. In fact, our students have found high-paying career opportunities in a matter of months, and some of our graduates are already making up to $160,000 as senior system engineers after only a few years.

Whether you have a background in IT or not, you may still schedule a career strategy session with us. Our team of experts will assist you in learning fundamental IT infrastructure and networking, along with other complex topics like Linux, RHCSA prep, Python automation, and AWS cloud engineering.


Making an IT career shift is daunting regardless of your age, especially if the field is different from your previous one. This gives you both excitement and concern since you have the fundamental skills and competence, yet you’re beginning from scratch.

YellowTail Tech can help guide you in your new career path. Book a 10-minute intro call with us now for more details.

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