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When to Make a Career Change to IT

When to Make a Career Change to IT

Do you have any plans to change careers? Throughout their working life, the average person is predicted to change careers five to seven times. U.S.-based research According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average worker holds up to ten different occupations before the age of 50, which is expected to increase even more in the future decades.

Your ability to shift careers may be greater than earlier generations due to the evolving nature of the workforce. More and more people are finding new ways to work, whether flexibly, remotely, or part-time. As a result, education and training are now becoming a continuous element of a more dynamic society than they once were when skills and professions were learned for life.

So, when should you change careers? You should change careers if you feel any of the following:

Signs That You Should Change Your Career

Finding a meaningful career might take time and effort. Few people begin the job with clear career goals. In fact, by age 50, the average person has worked 12 different professions in search of the “perfect fit,” which for many means completely switching fields. Over 6.2 million workers switched to work in a completely different industry in 2016 alone.

Thus, you’re not alone if you’re thinking of changing careers.

Signs that you should change your career include:

  • You feel that you need a new challenge. You may say that you are content in your current workplace. You have friends and great co-workers, but you might have been going there for years. A career change can be ideal if you’re the type of person who needs to challenge yourself and attempt new things. Sometimes, stepping outside our comfort zone is just what we need to feel fulfilled and productive in our professional lives. Starting a new job path that motivates you to acquire new knowledge and skills may help spice things up if you feel a little too comfy.
  • You hate going to work. Everyone has days when they do not want to go to work. Is the project you’re working on boring you? Maybe, you are anxious about meeting with your boss. You look forward to the weekend all week, but despite your best efforts, you start to dread Monday by Saturday night. When you’re unhappy in your job, it’s time to consider careers that might align with your interests. However, if you feel that it is happening every day, this is a sign that you should change jobs. 
  • Your values have changed. A job is like a personal relationship. Sometimes, you grow in different directions. You might no longer be as enthusiastic about your firm’s mission as you once were. It’s not a new notion to think that people might undergo significant life changes; what makes you happy at age 22 could not make you happy at age 40. You might have experienced a spiritual awakening and be yearning to leave the office and work in a more laid-back setting. Instead, you may now want greater stability than what your current employment as a freelancer offers, even if when you were younger, financial security may not have been a top priority for you. A professional change may be necessary given these shifting values, issues, and priorities.
  • You do not feel fulfillment. In a recent survey of British workers, job satisfaction was found to be the second most significant predictor of total life satisfaction. There is no real shock here. One of the first places to look if you’re unhappy is your place of employment. Your personal life can impact your work life, so if you’re unhappy, changing your career might help you find something new to focus on.

In addition, as each day goes by, you start to feel more and more distant from the initial motivations that drew you into the field. You have mentally checked out; your performance is poor, you’re missing deadlines, and you just don’t have the energy to pretend to be enthusiastic about the company’s objective any longer. 

Wrapping Up

If you are experiencing any, some, or perhaps, all of the mentioned signs, then it is high time for you to change and take hold of your destiny. A career shift provides numerous potential advantages, whether you’re unhappy in your current position or simply want to try something new.

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