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The Trap of Inexpensive Course

Hello, my name is Jubee, co-founder at Yellow Tail, where we help people with no IT background get their first high-paying IT job. So today I want to talk about the trap of inexpensive courses and training platforms.

I’m sure you know that in this age of information, there’s no shortage of free and inexpensive resources to learn just about anything. That also means that there is a lot of cheap, inaccurate, and incomplete information available. Most people, as they start dabbling into IT, they usually start with YouTube videos, free, or inexpensive courses from Udemy. And that’s all good, but it can quickly turn into information overload and get you lost, because getting properly trained and acquiring or improving your skills in a particular area and getting a job as a result is usually the goal. Sometimes, the initial intent gets lost because of the lack of guidance and a clear roadmap to get you to the destination.

One thing to understand about the business model of training platforms like Cloud Guru, is that it’s designed to serve thousands or sometimes millions of people. So you can understand how it’s impossible to expect customized support coaching, or a clear roadmap from this platform. It’s just not practical. Because they don’t even know your goal or what you’re trying to optimize for.

And again, these platforms are great, but the trap begins when people attempt to replace what they get from this platform with a program that specifically is designed to walk you through a framework and deliver on clear goals. So these platforms are better suited for professionals who are already in the field and are looking for additional skills.

For example, you don’t go to YouTube and just type, “How do I fix a car?” For that, you need to go to mechanic school. Now, if you need to fix the carburetor on a 2017 Honda Civic, yeah, YouTube might be a good place to start. But that doesn’t replace going to mechanic school and understanding how to be a mechanic.

But if your goal is to break into IT as a professional, you should consider checking us out at See what we’re about, look around. And if it looks like a good fit, schedule a career strategy session with our team and let’s talk about it. And of course, if you got any value out of this, like, share, subscribe, and stay tuned for other videos like this one.

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