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Break Into Tech: The Stories of The Women Behind Yellow Tail Tech

Behind every great tech company are even greater women. At Yellow Tail Tech, we’re lucky to have a team of talented women who are changing the game. As we celebrate Women’s Month, we’re excited to share their stories and inspire the next generation of female leaders in tech.

Let’s get some wonderful insights from Paloma Vilceus (Yellow Tail Tech co-founder), Yana Capa-Pasco (marketing manager), Tyla Chevrier (partnership coordinator), Kim Mellana (enrollment adviser), and Kez Mopon (student success coach).

The Women Who Are Leading Change at Yellow Tail Tech

Although women comprise 47% of all employed adults in the U.S., they only hold 26% of computing roles as of 2020, according to the National Center for Women & Information Technology. Women also make up less than 25% of executive-level positions, said McKinsey & Company. 

Yellow Tail Tech tries to change the numbers, starting with their own team. 

Paloma Vilceus: Co-Founder, Curriculum Designer, and Inspiration

“I think it’s super powerful to convince women to stay focused on their career change while they question their place in this field because they didn’t grow up visualizing other women in this space.”

Paloma Vilceus is the brilliant mind behind the curriculum design at Yellow Tail Tech. Co-founding the company with her husband, Jubee Vilceus, in 2014, Paloma’s journey into tech was not without challenges. As a working mother, she had to overcome obstacles and prove herself in a male-dominated industry.

Yellow Tail Tech is a testament to Paloma’s dedication to empowering others to easily break into tech. With exceptional training and a supportive community, the company’s success reflects Paloma’s own experience in the industry.

Paloma’s inspiration stems from powerful women like Ada Lovelace, who defied societal norms and paved the way for future generations. But her admiration extends to modern-day female pioneers like Kimberly Bryant, Arian Hamilton, and Susan Wojcicki.

Paloma advises women aspiring to enter the tech industry to take the leap, stay focused, and seek certification while building a strong support system. Her own experience is a testament to the value of perseverance and determination.

Paloma Vilceus is a true inspiration to women everywhere, proving that anything is possible with hard work and dedication.

Yana Capa-Pasco: Master of Marketing Magic

“Don’t let intimidation or patriarchal advantages stop you from dreaming high. IT is for everyone. Embrace your womanhood and spread it around the tech industry. The industry needs more women’s perspectives; the industry needs you!”

Introducing Yana Capa-Pasco, the fierce marketing manager at Yellow Tail Tech. With years of marketing experience under her belt, Yana was drawn to the company’s emphasis on hiring top-performing employees who fit the company’s culture. 

As a woman in a male-dominated industry, Yana had to learn how to assert herself to earn the respect of her colleagues. But her biggest challenge was balancing her responsibilities as a working mom. Despite the difficulties, Yana persevered and emerged stronger and more adaptable, inspiring other working moms facing similar obstacles.

Yana firmly believes in the power of female representation in the workplace. She looks up to Paloma Vilceus as an inspiration for female students at Yellow Tail Tech. Yana also highlights Kim and other female employees as relatable role models for prospective female students.

For women starting in tech, Yana advises confidence and self-assurance. Yellow Tail Tech is on its way to greater diversity and inclusivity in the tech industry. 

Yana’s experience, determination, and inspiration make her an essential member of the Yellow Tail Tech team, shining bright as a beacon of success.

Tyla Chevrier: The Ultimate Matchmaker for Partnerships

“At 16, I realized that one challenge I will always face is that I have to stand up for myself and other women so that the next generation of women don’t have to face these same challenges in the workplace.”

Tyla Chevrier, Yellow Tail Tech’s partnership coordinator, is a passionate advocate for women in the workplace. Her journey began at age 16 when she discovered a male coworker was being paid $5000 more for the same job title and experience. Since then, Tyla has been dedicated to breaking down barriers and helping women succeed.

At Yellow Tail Tech, Tyla is proud to work with many women partners in tech and is inspired daily by her colleague Paloma. The company’s commitment to providing opportunities for women is a big reason why Tyla loves her job.

Tyla draws inspiration from her mother, who earned her master’s degree despite facing numerous challenges. She encourages all women to apply for jobs even if they don’t have all the required skills and to negotiate for themselves. Tyla believes imperfection is okay as long as students are committed to learning and growing.

As an inspiration to women in tech and beyond, Tyla Chevrier is a valuable Yellow Tail Tech team member.

Kim Mellana: The Enrollment Whisperer

“I believe here at Yellow Tail, we are teaching that whether you are a man or woman, your success in the tech industry is going to come down to the same factors: Are you good at what you do? Can you get the job done? That is what matters.”

Meet Kim Mellana, the dedicated enrollment advisor at Yellow Tail Tech. She was drawn to the company because of its impressive teaching programs and genuine concern for its students’ well-being. Kim struggles to balance her personal and professional lives as a working mother. However, she remains organized and focused, making tough decisions to manage her responsibilities.

Yellow Tail Tech is committed to equal opportunities for both women and men based on skills and qualifications. Kim sees the company as a trailblazer in breaking down stereotypes about IT workers and their careers. Her mother, who worked at IBM for over two decades while raising her family, inspires Kim to be a present and supportive mom. Kim believes that being a perfect mother is not necessary as long as moms are there for their children. 

To women aspiring to work in tech, she encourages them to step out of their comfort zones and embrace new challenges. She firmly believes learning new things and succeeding outside one’s comfort zone is possible.

Kim is an outstanding example of a hardworking and dedicated woman in tech, and Yellow Tail Tech is fortunate to have her on its team.

Kez Mopon: Student Success? Yes!

“Getting into something new can be quite overwhelming, but when there’s a community you can run to and reflect with, it helps you navigate the hurdles and learn things you might find hard to learn by yourself.”

Kez Mopon, senior student success coach at Yellow Tail Tech, considers joining YTT one of the best decisions ever made. She stumbled upon YTT while contemplating a career change and joined to improve her communication skills. Kez values YTT’s focus on helping non-IT students gain the necessary training for high-paying jobs.

Kez loves working at Yellow Tail, where their team helps students, breaking the stereotype that women must work twice as hard and be twice as good. She believes being “good” isn’t enough for working women, and YTT is paving the way for more women in tech by cultivating a diverse and inclusive culture. They recognize that a company is powered by the entire community behind it and that tech is for everyone.

Kez finds inspiration in other women in tech, such as YouTuber Chloe Shih. With all its triumphs and struggles, Chloe’s journey empowers Kez and others like her.

As a student success coach, Kez understands the importance of community and support in helping students succeed. She has helped many students at Yellow Tail and encourages new students to find a community, whether online or in person.

Empowering Women in Tech and Beyond

By highlighting women’s stories and achievements, we hope to inspire the next generation of women in tech. At Yellow Tail Tech, we believe diversity and inclusion are essential to innovation, and we’re committed to supporting and empowering women in tech. 

We’re proud to celebrate Women’s Month and thank Paloma Vilceus and all the incredible women who make Yellow Tail Tech a great place to work. And if we’ve inspired you to break into tech, you should book a 10-minute intro call with our Enrollment Advisor now!

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