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Success in Tech: Howard Joseph's Tech Journey

A Second Chance at Love and Success in Tech: Howard Joseph’s Story of Overcoming Hardship with Yellow Tail Tech

Due to his wife’s illness, Howard Joseph quit his job as a weatherman to take care of her. Unfortunately, when she passed, he found it hard to return to a career in meteorology, so he settled for a job as a cashier to make ends meet. 

Now, after cashiering for the past four and a half years, Howard has decided he wants a change of pace. So he enrolled at Yellow Tail Tech

Howard’s story is one of resilience and determination in the face of adversity and a testament to the human spirit. Read on and be inspired.

Finding Love and Joy Through Shared Passions

Before Howard was a cashier, he worked as a meteorologist on television—a weatherman, if you will. But here’s the thing: his wife had been sick for years, and when things took a turn for the worse, Howard decided to leave his job and become her full-time caretaker.

Despite the circumstances, Howard and his wife enjoyed each other’s company. They didn’t let anything bring them down and found joy in their shared love of computers. That passion brought them together during the most challenging times of her illness and helped them make the most of their time together.

A New Love and a New Path

After Howard’s wife passed away in 2011, he found himself at a crossroads. He had trouble finding work as a meteorologist. While he enjoyed tinkering with computers, he wasn’t sure if he could break into the IT industry without experience and instead took a job as a cashier at a grocery store to make ends meet.

Day after day, Howard scanned groceries and counted change, but he couldn’t shake the feeling that there had to be something more out there for him. It was a far cry from his previous career as a weatherman, and he couldn’t help but feel like he wasn’t living up to his potential.

But then something changed. Howard realized that his love for computers could lead to a new career. He knew it wouldn’t be easy, but he was determined to take a chance and follow his passion. That’s when he decided to chart a new course and embrace the future.

Discovering Yellow Tail Tech and Embracing a New Career

As luck would have it, Howard stumbled upon an ad for Yellow Tail Tech on Facebook. Intrigued by the company’s mission, he researched and discovered that the program had high job placement rates and stellar reviews from both students and teachers.

This was the perfect opportunity for Howard to turn his passion for computers into a career. He had been drawn to technology ever since he owned his first Atari 400 computer at the age of 13. He even taught himself BASIC, a programming language that he still remembers many years later.

When Howard sat down for his initial interview with Yellow Tail Tech, he knew it was meant to be. The flexible schedule and affordable tuition made it easy for him to balance his studies with his job, and he had no problem securing financing. So, without hesitation, Howard enrolled in the Lnx For Jobs program and dove headfirst into a new and exciting chapter of his life.

Falling in Love with Linux at Yellow Tail Tech

When Howard started the program, he knew he was in the right place. He was utterly engrossed in the material, especially when learning about Linux. The challenge of mastering a new operating system was invigorating, and Howard couldn’t help but marvel at how Yellow Tail’s instructors made it all seem so easy.

Despite his previous experience in IT, Howard found that he had a lot to learn about Linux. He had to unlearn some of his old habits, but the supportive and engaging environment at Yellow Tail made the process enjoyable. It’s become one of his favorite aspects of the program.

One thing that makes the program so enjoyable for Howard is the quality of the instructors. He is fond of teachers like Allan Michel and David Baker, who go above and beyond to make their lessons engaging and relatable. Their patience and wit make even the most complex concepts easy to understand.

Of course, it’s not just the instructors that make the program great. Howard also loves the interactive nature of the classes and the hands-on activities that help him develop muscle memory. When he finally started working with Linux, he was thrilled to discover all the amazing things he could do with it.

Reigniting Howard’s Passion for Learning

After joining Yellow Tail Tech’s Lnx For Jobs program, Howard found a new sense of purpose and excitement in his life. His love for learning Linux is evident in how he speaks about the program and his instructors. Success in tech, that’s all he every wanted.

Despite his initial apprehension and lack of experience with Linux, Howard found Yellow Tail’s instructors patient, relatable, and encouraging. The interactive classes and hands-on activities helped him develop muscle memory and reinforced his understanding of the material.

According to Howard, the price of the program is more than worth it, as he believes the education, instructors, and internship opportunities provided by Yellow Tail Tech will help him secure his dream job in IT. 

While he acknowledges that the future may seem daunting, Howard is excited to continue learning and fully believes in the program’s process. He highly recommends Yellow Tail Tech to anyone looking to break into the IT industry or seeking a success in tech.

Start Your Path to a Success in Tech Today!

Howard Joseph’s story is one of perseverance, determination, and hope. Despite the hardships he faced, Howard never gave up on his dreams. He found solace in his shared interest with his wife and eventually found a new passion in Linux with the help of Yellow Tail Tech. His journey serves as an inspiration to anyone facing tough times and looking for a new career path and success in tech. Anyone can achieve their dreams with the right mindset and support.

We at Yellow Tail Tech wish him and every student luck in their studies and the future. And if you’re ready to start your future in tech, book a 10-minute intro call with our Enrollment Advisor to explore how we can help you on your new path!

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