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Celebrating Fathers in Tech: Insights from a Dad in the Linux and Cloud Industry

June is the month when we celebrate dads who juggle work and family. Many of these dads work in the tech industry. They solve daily problems in Linux and cloud computing while still being dedicated parents.

This article tells the story of one such dad—Yellow Tail Tech’s Infrastructure Director, Thierry Louis. We’ll share his path into tech and how he balances working and being a dad. We’ll also relay his tips to other tech dads. His story reflects the beauty of fatherhood for someone in a bustling industry. 

The Journey into Tech

Thierry’s fascination with technology started early. Think of young Thierry as a real-life Hiro Hamada from Big Hero 6. The main character, Hiro, loved to tinker with robots, and Thierry spent hours figuring out how computer parts worked. He’d take them apart and put them back together – pure curiosity at play. 

This passion led Thierry to study information technology. But traditional education only went so far for Thierry, who said, “It couldn’t entirely aid my cause for the lifestyle I wanted.” So when he stumbled upon Yellow Tail Tech, “it was a breath of fresh air” for him. Here, he built his confidence and grew his skills.

Entering the Workforce

Thierry’s first jobs in Linux and cloud computing were like Hiro’s adventures—exciting but full of challenges. Of course, he had to soak up new technologies and crack complex problems. “There were times when work deadlines or urgent projects required extra hours,” he said. But these were not enough to stop Thierry. Dedication and love for tech were his allies in treading the rough waters. Now, he enjoys a successful tech career, thanks to the rock-solid foundation his early experiences gave him.

Balancing Fatherhood and Tech Careers

The Ipsos report consolidates two studies—Ipsos Survey: Fathers: Balancing Work and Family and EOC Study: Working Fathers: Earning and Caring—shows that 86% of fathers work full-time, and 40% work more than 48 hours per week. That’s way more than the standard 40 hours of work. So, one would wonder how these dads spend quality time with their kids. We can’t speak for all dads, but at least Thiery gave us an idea about what he does. 

A typical day for Thierry is working and spending time with his family. Sounds simple? Not quite. We all know how unpredictable the workplace can be sometimes. For Thierry, “there were times when work deadlines or urgent projects would require me to put in extra hours, leaving me with less time for my loved ones.“ For Thiery, the solution was drawing a clear line between work and personal life. 

Thiery’s “conscious effort to set boundaries” also meant learning to manage his time and set priorities. However, perhaps the most critical element of his successful balancing of work and fatherhood is disconnecting from work. That means when he is at work, he focuses. But when he is with his family, he is “fully present and engaged.”

Support for Dads 

Commonly, we see dads as breadwinners. They are the leaders who give their kids support, be it emotional or economic. But did we ever ask, Who has the back of our supportive fathers? 

Thiery openly communicates his family commitments to his employer. “They were understanding and supportive, allowing me to find a healthy work-life balance,” he says. 

It’s never easy to open up about family in the workplace. But it’s something dads must do to achieve the balance they need. The Ipsos report says so, too: workplace culture can impact whether a father can balance his work and family responsibilities and how he can create such balance. We’re not just talking about family-friendly company policies here. Ipsos says this includes how comfortable fathers feel about discussing their family commitments in the workplace. It also involves how acceptable it is to leave early to pick up the children from school or to spend time with them in the evenings.

Even for remote-working parents, the workplace culture is essential, if not even more so. Take note: It’s even harder to draw the line between work and personal life when working from home. Opening up to employers would be greatly helpful. 

Balancing fatherhood and a tech career is more than just a task for dads. It also involves their environment—family, friends, and work. 

Advice for Aspiring Tech Dads

Thierry shares golden nuggets of advice for dads who want to successfully work in tech without sacrificing their family time: 

  • Embrace Stability and Growth: Thiery says, “The tech industry, especially in Linux and cloud computing, offers a stable and ever-growing career path.” The demand for such talents has nowhere to go but up. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that job openings in computer and information tech jobs in general will be 377,500 per year until 2032. The industry assures Dads of long-term job security and opportunities for advancement.
  • Leverage Flexibility: Many tech companies now offer flexible work arrangements. Some professionals work from home or in a hybrid setup. Thiery calls this a “game-changer for fathers.” It’s easier for work-from-home tech dads to be present at home when they set boundaries and manage their time, making balancing work and family responsibilities a breeze.
  • Continuous Learning: The tech industry is shifting gears quickly. So, Theiry suggests that dads who want to remain valuable in the job market keep watch of the latest trends, technologies, and best practices. 
  • Build a Support Network: Surround yourself with a supportive community of fellow tech professionals and mentors. “Having a strong support system can make a huge difference,” Thierry says. You’ll have people to help you through rough times and cheer for you as you find that much-needed balance. 

Thierry’s message is clear: dads can get a successful career in tech and still be present in their family’s life. It all boils down to the right mindset, time management, and getting a support system.

Celebrating Fathers in Tech

Thierry went through hoops to balance fatherhood and excelling at his tech job. We hope his story helps you find the courage to take hold of that elusive work-life balance. Implementing these tips can help you break through and thrive in the tech industry. 

If Thierry’s journey inspires you and you want to start your career in tech, book a 10-minute intro call now with Yellow Tail Tech.

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