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Working from Home With Kids: Insights From Remote-Working Parents

The pandemic introduced us all to the work-from-home setup. Post-pandemic, many of us still work remotely. A Buffer study says many working parents decided to work remotely because of their desire to be present for their children. 

Despite the challenges of working from home with kids, these parents are making it work! Are you wondering how they manage to balance their personal and professional lives? 

Let’s learn from Yellow Tail Tech alums who have navigated the ups and downs of this unique situation. They share their experiences and offer insights on how to thrive.

Adebi Akobi: Working From Home With Kids as an Engineer

Adebi Akobi is a systems engineer at Red Hat Corporation and a father to his two daughters, aged fourteen and eleven. Previously, he excelled as a manager at Trader Joe’s.

Working from home has many benefits, according to Adebi. When he used to work at a store, he frequently returned home exhausted and lacking the energy to spend time with his kids. He now has more time to spend with his family when they get home, though, since he works from home. 

This Is His Family; He Found It All on His Own.

Before, Adebi, who used to be a manager at Trader Joe’s, found it challenging to balance his work and family responsibilities. However, with his flexible work schedule, he can now attend his kids’ appointments and pick them up during breaks. Starting work at 9:00 am allows him to drop off his children at school, ensuring he’s present for their daily activities. He can now also share the responsibilities of caring for their children, giving his wife some much-needed rest.

Apart from spending quality time with his family, Adebi also values his time for himself. He can take breaks, walk around to recharge, and “come back, and the work is still waiting for me,” he said. He is able to recharge and return to work feeling refreshed and ready for new challenges.

He’s Not Like a Regular Dad; He’s a Cool Dad!

Adebi recognizes the importance of time management to ensure that he spends quality time with his children. He strives to be present and give them his undivided attention when they come home. Although it’s still a work in progress, Adebi appreciates the flexibility working from home provides.

He plans his work schedule with his children and encourages them to share their ideas for family activities. As a former soccer player, Adebi bonds with his kids through sports activities. Weekends are dedicated to family bonding, and they cherish these moments together.

Working from home has given Adebi the opportunity to be a more present and engaged father while also having the flexibility to manage his work and family responsibilities.

Chip Vera: Federal Contractor and Dad of Three Princesses

Chip Vera is a federal contractor for NTT DATA and the father of three young daughters, aged seven, five, and three. Despite the pandemic forcing him to work from home, he has successfully balanced his work and parental responsibilities.

Working from home has given Chip Vera the flexibility to be present in his family’s daily lives. As a result, he can take his daughters to school and pick them up, which has allowed for more quality family time and being more attentive to their needs.

Nothing’s More Important Than Family

Chip has found that being able to work from home has allowed him to prioritize his family life. His children look forward to him picking them up, and he can care for them when needed, all while being productive at work. This newfound flexibility has made both his work and family lives more fulfilling.

Aside from the convenience of not having to commute, Chip has also found that working from home has saved him money on gas and lessened his laundry load since he no longer has to adhere to a dress code. However, he has noticed increased grocery expenses due to snacking more and needing more lunch items.

Any Day Spent With Family Is a New Favorite Day

Working from home can be challenging for Chip, as his children often interrupt him during Zoom calls. Since his office is in the basement, his children would come downstairs to play with him or their toys, causing interruptions. This challenge was especially difficult during the pandemic, when his kids had Zoom classes.

To balance his work and family responsibilities, Chip now wakes up early, gets everything ready in the morning, takes his kids to school, and then returns home to log in for work. After work, Chip likes to bond with his kids by helping them with their homework, reading to them, and engaging in various activities like coloring, playing hide-and-seek, playing ball, and “if it’s great outside, then we go to a park.” Also, his daughters go to dance class, and he takes them there.

Georges Russo: Scientist, Teacher, and Dad

Georges Russo works at the National Institute of Health and as a teacher at Yellow Tail Tech. He always makes time for his two children, ages eight and two, and adapted to working from home when the pandemic hit.

Georges appreciates the benefits of working from home, especially when it comes to providing a comfortable environment for his children. He notes that being at home allows him to better understand their needs and gives him more opportunities to bond with them.

Love Is Putting Someone Else’s Needs Before Yours

Georges can also closely monitor his children and give them more personalized attention than they receive at school. He explains that “even if I’m working, being around them makes me more comfortable than them being somewhere else.”

Working from home allows Georges to observe his children’s behaviors and address any issues that may arise. He also has the flexibility to take care of his children when needed and balance his work and family responsibilities. If his students are not at school, they can stay with him or go to Hand Ridge, which is easily accessible to him.

The Smallest Things Take up the Most Room in Your Heart

Georges cherishes his time with his children and enjoys talking to them throughout the day. He understands that some days his kids may require more attention, while they can be more independent on other days. He tries to strike a balance between giving them space while also keeping a watchful eye on them.

If an urgent situation requires adult attention, Georges has people who can help him with his children. However, he acknowledges that he may need to leave work to attend to his children’s needs if no one else is available. He prioritizes his children’s needs above everything else, even if it means putting work on hold.

Georges is grateful for the flexibility that working from home provides and the opportunity it gives him to spend more time with his children.

Happiness Is Where You Are (At Home Is Where You Are)

Remote work has become the norm for many parents due to the pandemic. Buffer reported that 48% of parents plan to continue remote work because being able to work and parent simultaneously has been a game-changer. But it’s not always easy. Adebi, Chip, and Georges share valuable tips for parents seeking to succeed in remote work. 

The key to their success is maintaining a healthy work-life balance, spending quality time with their children, communicating their work schedules, and staying attentive to their children’s needs. Adebi believes that there is always a solution to any challenge that arises. “You can always find a solution to manage all that around you and stuff like that,” he explains.

Creating a schedule is essential for managing time, and setting boundaries between work and family time is equally important. When it’s family time, Chip recommends disconnecting by putting the phone down and turning off the computer. When something’s urgent at work, “they can just call (him),” he said. 

Finally, asking for help is vital to managing work and family responsibilities, and Georges stresses that there is no shame in doing so. “If you could have some help, have some help,” he says. Whether it’s help with the children or with work, Georges encourages parents to ask for assistance when needed.

Family Means Nobody Gets Left Behind or Forgotten

While Lenovo reported that 83% of employees saw remote work as having impacted their productivity, more than anything, most parents work remotely for their kids. 

While working from home with kids may be challenging, it presents unique opportunities for parents to strengthen their family bond. Ultimately, the experience of working from home can be both rewarding and fulfilling for parents.

We at Yellow Tail wish Adebi, Chip, and Georges all the happiness and luck in the world. And if you’re interested in getting a tech career and working from home with your kids, Yellow Tail Tech is here to help. Book a 10-minute intro call with our Enrollment Advisor now!

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