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Cloud For Jobs 2.0 Program: Your Key to Pursuing an AWS Career in the USA


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most popular cloud environments in today’s IT landscape. This is because of the platform’s public cloud service, released in the market in 2006. Due to its success and continuous market growth, there’s no wonder AWS careers are taking off worldwide. After all, a job in Amazon Web Services is an intelligent choice for improving your career path because of its dynamic approach and constant evolution.

Considering the IT market, the usage of AWS is increasing daily. Many companies are even utilizing AWS to bring down costs, become more agile, and innovate more quickly. Because of this, there’s always a demand for professionals with AWS skills.

Why Pursue a Career in AWS?

Pursuing an AWS career opens many opportunities for landing good and high-paying jobs, as well as developing credibility to help with your career growth. In addition, having AWS skills will make you more marketable in the IT industry and increase your odds of being employed.

Why Schedule a Career Strategy Session With Yellow Tail Tech?

Yellow Tail Tech begins with the structure of the AWS Training program. Aside from providing courses that focus on the subject matter, we approach our programming holistically by keeping your career goals in mind. We also ensure to make you job-ready after finishing our courses.

Aside from that, we give you a proper understanding of infrastructure by offering live lectures and hands-on career coaching, as well as enhancing elective internship programs. This will encourage engagement and interactions among trainees and instructors.

What Is Yellow Tail Tech’s Cloud For Jobs 2.0 Program in the USA?

Our Cloud For Jobs 2.0 program in the USA includes modules that prepare you to contribute to an organization’s cloud computing efforts as an AWS DevOps Engineer. The courses under this program will help you learn how to create automatable and repeatable deployments of applications, networks, and systems on the AWS platform.

What Are the Courses Under Cloud For Jobs 2.0 Program in the USA?

IT Infrastructure and Networking Course

This five-week course is designed to expose you to the fundamentals that every IT professional should know, including computers, networking, and the IT field in general. It has five modules that can help you develop your IT vocabulary and toolbox.

The IT Infrastructure and Networking course is offered in parallel with the Linux System Administration course. These two cover the required foundational IT concepts. Taking them together can help you easily understand cloud services.

Linux System Administration Course

The Linux System Administration course is intended to provide you with the crucial Linux knowledge essential for an AWS Cloud Engineer in a DevOps environment.

The first four weeks of this course include topics that will help you build a solid foundation in navigating the Linux operating system. During the following eight weeks, you will undergo sessions about user administration, security, networking, processes, and storage.

In addition, we will train you for the job by exposing you to scenarios that you may encounter in a natural work environment.

AWS Cloud For Jobs 2.0 Training Course

The Cloud for Jobs course provides the training and exposure you need in managing an enterprise-level AWS infrastructure in a DevOps environment. This course is built to prepare SysOps and systems administrators in performing automated and repeatable deployments of applications, networks, and systems in AWS.

During the first four weeks of the class, you will encounter topics about AWS foundational services, such as EC2, VPC, and IAM. In the following 12 weeks, you will then take up lessons on building, providing, and administering AWS resources while using different Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools.

It has 16 modules, which are:

⦁ Infrastructure as Code
⦁ Cloud Principals and AWS Global Infrastructure
⦁ Computer Services
⦁ Networking Services
⦁ Storage Services
⦁ Monitoring
⦁ Scaling/Elasticity
⦁ Database Services
⦁ Security and Management Services
⦁ Systems Manager
⦁ Cloud Formation
⦁ Serverless and Containers
⦁ OPSWorks
⦁ Elastic Beanstalk
⦁ Developer Tools Part 1
⦁ Developer Tools Part 2

AWS SysOps Certification Prep Course

The AWS SysOps Prep course includes topics that will help you gain the knowledge and confidence that you need to become a certified AWS SysOps Admin. This eight-week course is designed for people just starting their cloud career and proving their advanced infrastructure knowledge.

It includes the following modules:

⦁ Monitoring and Reporting
⦁ Deployment and Provisioning
⦁ High Availability
⦁ Storage and Data Management
⦁ Security and Compliance
⦁ Networking
⦁ Automation
⦁ Feedback, review, and lab exercises

Python Automation Course

IT organizations are slowly moving towards replacing some recurring tasks with event-driven automation. Because of this, Yellow Tail Tech has made the Python Automation course which includes training on the basic level of python coding. In this way, the students will learn to use Python in creating workflow automation.

Most of the students’ codes revolve around automating tasks using AWS APIs and AWS Lambda.

This course has two distinct parts: Python Programming Basics and Automating Tasks with Python in AWS.

The topics under this course are the following:

⦁ Python Basics
⦁ Flow Control
⦁ Functions of Python
⦁ Classes of Python
⦁ Data Types
⦁ Overview of Boto3 and Lambda

How To Schedule a Career Session Strategy With Yellow Tail Tech?

To schedule a career strategy session with Yellow Tail Tech, and click the ‘Book a 10-minute intro call’ button. After that, type your email address, click the ‘Prove It’ button, and follow the instructions below:

⦁ Watch ‘The Break Into Tech’ presentation.
⦁ Answer the application questionnaire.
⦁ Get on our calendar.


If you’re looking for a program that will help you pursue a AWS career, Yellow Tail Tech has got you covered. We offer our Cloud For Jobs 2.0 Program that will help you become a professional AWS DevOps Engineer.

Book a 10-minute intro call with our Enrollment Advisor today.

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