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Giving and Receiving Help Through the Alumni Network


“It’s two things we offer. We offer training and support, and that’s obvious. But what we also offer is a community “ — Yellow Tail Tech co-founder Jubee Vilceus

Alumni networks are necessary for fostering professional development and connections between graduates. Jubee knows the community is important, so Yellow Tail Tech has established its network.

In this article, we discuss the relevance of alumni networks and the benefits they provide, focusing on how they can help grow careers and provide a friendly environment. Continue reading to learn more about Yellow Tail Tech’s alumni network and how it may assist fresh graduates.

What Is An Alumni Network?

An alumni network is a community of former students who have graduated from a particular educational institution. These networks serve as a platform for graduates to connect, collaborate, and support each other personally and professionally. By leveraging shared experiences and common ties, this network create valuable opportunities for networking, mentorship, and career advancement.

Various universities and colleges establish alumni networks to maintain a strong bond with their graduates; for instance, Harvard’s alumni have had a big impact. These networks organize events, webinars, and workshops to facilitate knowledge sharing, skill development, and industry insights. Additionally, they provide access to exclusive job postings, internships, and other professional opportunities.

Yellow Tail Tech’s alumni network is a great example. As an educational technology company with a track record of assisting students in career transitions, Yellow Tail Tech understands the value of maintaining connections with its alums. Alumni can use the network to keep in touch with one another, share resources, and offer moral support as they embark on their new careers in technology.

How Alumni Help Each Other Through the Network

One of the most valuable aspects of an alumni network is the mutual support and assistance it provides to its members. Such groups serve as a bridge between former classmates, colleagues, and friends, ensuring these connections thrive even after graduation.

Alumni networks have coordinators who offer advice, guidance, and job support. Coordinators are frequently former instructors or staff members with substantial field knowledge, but some coordinators are Yellow Tail Tech staff members. They mentor, advise, and connect alumni to the institution or organization, ensuring members receive expert advice and assistance throughout their tech careers.

Yellow Tail Tech’s Own Alumni Network

Yellow Tail Tech is committed to helping its students even after they graduate. Nowadays, traditional degrees don’t matter much in the job market, which means a notable number of students at Yellow Tail Tech are career shifters. Unfortunately, they lack the resources to find their way when they graduate. So, Yellow Tail Tech provides its network and resources “to tap into our community of alumni, of instructors, to be able to start growing and leveraging that community,“ said Jubee.

According to Tyla, Yellow Tail Tech’s Partnership Coordinator, the alumni network serves as a support system, providing real-world experience, job leads, interview preparation, and mentorship opportunities. Tyla highlights the importance of actively posting, interacting, and contributing to the network to make the most of being a part of it.

Yellow Tail Tech’s Career Success Coach, Rob, emphasizes that alumni understand the challenges faced by new graduates and can offer real-world experience to help them succeed in their IT careers. He mentions the network’s role in helping graduates find job leads, prepare for interviews, and act as mentors. Rob advises new graduates to join the alumni network without hesitation. As it provides ongoing learning, networking, and support in the ever-evolving field of IT.

Leveraging Alumni Support for Career Success

Staying connected with friends is also an important benefit of an alumni network. Since Yellow Tail Tech is an online school, it’s harder to keep in touch with friends after graduating. Add to that how technology is changing alumni engagement, and the alumni network helps provide this connection. Through the network, alumni can maintain relationships with their peers, informing them about personal milestones, career achievements, and life events. 

However, the benefits of an alumni network extend far beyond social connections. It is commonly utilized for job search purposes, with members actively sharing job postings, referring to each other for positions, and providing guidance on career opportunities. 

Stanford’s Women’s Circle provides insight into the success of alumni as a motivation for new graduates. On the other hand, Yellow Tail Tech’s alumni network offers help in staying updated on different job markets, including information on salaries and opportunities in the Linux job market. Schools operate their networks differently, but the goal is the same—help graduates get on their feet. 

Pros and Cons of An Alumni Network

Understanding the pros and cons of an this network allows individuals to make informed decisions about their involvement and maximize the benefits while mitigating the potential drawbacks. Here are the pros and cons of joining an alumni network:


  1. Networking Opportunities: Provide a vast pool of connections. Allowing members to expand their professional network and gain access to job opportunities, partnerships, and industry insights.
  1. Mentorship and Guidance: Often offer mentorship programs where experienced professionals provide valuable guidance, career advice, and support to younger alumni.
  1. Lifelong Learning: Many alumni networks organize workshops, seminars, and webinars to facilitate continuous learning and skill development. Keeping members updated with the latest trends and knowledge in their fields.
  1. Exclusive Resources and Benefits: Often grant members exclusive access to resources such as job boards, discounts on professional development courses, library facilities, and other benefits that can enhance their personal and professional lives.


  1. Limited Reach: Depending on the size and scope of the network, alumni connections may be concentrated within specific industries or geographical areas, limiting the diversity of opportunities available to members.
  1. Inactive or Fragmented Networks: Some of this network may suffer from low engagement or lack of coordination, making it challenging for members to fully leverage the benefits of the network.
  1. Time Commitment: Active participation in alumni network activities, such as attending events or engaging in mentoring relationships, requires time and effort, which may not always be feasible for busy professionals.
  1. Overwhelming Information Flow: In large alumni networks, the constant influx of messages, notifications, and updates can be overwhelming, making it difficult for members to filter and prioritize relevant information.

Yellow Tail Tech has been producing graduates and new professionals in tech for years. Some former students now working as AWS and Linux engineers; the network reflects this wealth of resources. With coordinators to keep the network organized, Yellow Tail Tech is quite on top of helping graduates find their dream tech careers.

By weighing these pros and cons, Yellow Tail Tech alumni can make an informed decision about their involvement in the alumni network by understanding its potential benefits and possible limitations.

No Shame in Getting Help

Alumni networks are powerful resources that can greatly benefit individuals in various aspects of their personal and professional lives. While it’s important to consider the pros and cons of joining thisgnetwork, there is no shame in seeking help and support through these communities. 

Recognizing the value of connecting with former classmates, colleagues, and mentors can lead to invaluable opportunities and growth. Yellow Tail Tech embraces the power of alumni networks, allowing graduates to tap into the wealth of knowledge and resources they offer. Reaching out for assistance is a wise and commendable choice. 

At Yellow Tail Tech, it’s encouraged to keep in touch even if you do not join the alumni network. So if you want to join an open community while trying to get a career in tech, book a 10-minute intro call with our Enrollment Advisor now!


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